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When the Going Gets Tough – You Must Get Tougher!

It’s inevitable that there will be good times and bad times. Some might venture to say that the good times are limited but I must argue the fact that there are many good times that go un-noticed.

Belief Systems

Convictions are more dangerous Enemies of Truth than lies. —-Frederick Nietsche John F. Kennedy said, “The great enemy of truth is often not the lie-deliberate, contrived, and dishonest-but the myth-persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic.” These convictions come from belief systems; something we all have in one form or another. A belief system can be thought of…

7 Fears That Can Paralyze Your Life

I suppose the most annoying thing about fear is that it can hide in places we don’t know exist, strangling the very source of all that we are. The most damaging of fears are usually inconspicuous in their nature; hiding deep beneath other things that we have somehow unknowingly used to cover them in order to carry on as though they don’t exist. It’s our unique defence system from the horrible but unreal projections that fear is showing us.

Create A Better You

While many claim that circumstances, events, and other outside forces are often to blame for their lack of the hoped for degree of success, generally, the reality is that we are much more often our own worst enemies, refusing to look within at how we can improve. Our most important task is to do all we can to create a “better me,” rather than expending our energies on blaming circumstances and others for why we may not have succeeded to the desired degree. Until each of us adapt ourselves to the “It’s up to me” mindset and philosophy, we will…

I’m Not Perfect – But I’m Getting Better

Ok, I admit it! I’m not perfect!

Moving From Wellness To Well-Being

What is the quality of your own well-being? Do you have a sense of personal fulfillment? Do you have the resilience and vitality to face the challenges of your life? Do you experience positive emotions throughout your day? This article is an introduction on the topic of Well-Being,

Infinite Intelligence Underpins All Reality

We live in a world of conflicting theories and ideas about our origins. It is part of our development and free will that we immerse ourselves in a great turbulent ocean of Thought. It takes the most intense concentration to distinguish what is likely to be true and to see what other stuff is either false or distorted.

Ancient Chinese Story – Birdsnest

A beautiful story that holds some advice from ancient China, attributed to a fictional character named Birdsnest. Through this story, may we realise the existence of the unknowable and ecstatic aspect of our existence. Know that this Divine element is an intrinsic part of ourselves. Begin trusting our underlying nature by becoming conscious.

A Catalogue of Some Common Excuses

We all use excuses at times for whatever reason. It makes us feel good, it is a justification of our behaviour, and it is a reason for our inaction and procrastination. I am hoping if you can relate to one of these excuses it may either make you laugh or you might feel a little guilty or you may recognise it next time you are using one of these excuses and realise it is an excuse and change your behaviour.

Access the Guidance in Your Dreams

Dreams are gifts from the unconscious that guide you in your life and inner development. To understand a dream’s meaning, it is useful to recognize the Level of information it contains: surface, personal, intrapersonal and archetypal. This allows you to access the guidance cloaked with that dream.

Do You Feel Like a Spectator in Your Life?

What you believe you deserve, in terms of your relationships, career, finances, health and spiritual connection? I don’t even need you to answer this question to know get the answer I need. All I need to do is look at how you are doing in each of these areas, right now and I will get the answer, I need.

The Shield of Faith Will Defeat the Enemy’s Lies

The shield of faith is just one of the many weapons God has provided (see Ephesians 6:16). It will defeat the fiery darts of the enemy.

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