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Thoughts From The Box – “Thou Shall Not!”

Have you every really looked at the “Thou Shall Not’s?” You may refer to them as the Ten Commandments but as I have studied these “Life Charges” that God so graciously gave Moses for the children of Israel, they were not merely a list of demands…

Astral Protection for Beginners – How to Call for Protection, Stay Calm and in Control

Many beginners in the astral plane can face situations that will frighten them. Fear is a normal reaction when one is faced with unknown, especially if this unknown has not very pleasure appearance. Unpleasant situations in the astral plane more often happen to those who experience astral projection spontaneously (in the dreams) and without control.

Astral Projection – Questions and Answers

There are many topics, details, rules and situation connected to astral projection that can be covered by shorter explanations. We choose to cover most frequent of them by simple questions & answers form that we believe is most appropriate in this situation. Of course, we are far of answering all possible dilemmas about astral traveling and related stuff, but we hope to give you short insights into some of the most practical ones.

Improve the Quality of Your Life in 7 Simple Ways

Everyone owes it to themselves to be happy and healthy. We are in charge of our feelings and experiences. Gaiety and mirth are among some ephemeral things that can be felt several times everyday or not at all. There are a lot of things in our experience that may swiftly strip that feeling of happiness from us but when we manage our thoughts, we can change our feelings of anger, dissatisfaction and sadness into a state of serenity and harmony.

Individuality: How to Be a Unique Person That People Will Remember

People do have an underlying connection to all other people, but there are qualities, when possessed, that can set a person worlds apart from their peers. Here are those qualities and how to find them within yourself.

Outgrowing Your Distractions: Knowing When To Let Them Go!

Clutter is tricky and subjective. We are all a collection of diverse needs and what appears to be insignificant to one may be significant and motivation to another. What some see as disorder, others may see as creative chaos. Is this a distinction without a difference? Or an attempt to fill a void for what isn’t there?

Are You Leading a Double Life?

Do you ever feel like you are leading a double life? When you are “out there” in public, networking, at work, with clients or just socializing with friends, you are one woman. Then when you are alone, behind closed doors, looking in the mirror or hiding under the covers, you are someone completely different?

When Your Conscious Mind Meets Your Unconscious

Before you embark on a new path, it is very important that you understand who you are and how you function… Always make sure that your decisions, your actions are motivated by what You want.

The Fear That Keeps on Giving

A recent event triggered an old memory from the archives of my mind. It impacted me so intensely in order to sort it out I began with a third person story then I could give it my voice.

How to Gain Control Over Your Emotions

Humans cannot help feeling various emotions as emotions are automatic, natural, and habitual. However, it is always possible to have control over each of them.

5 Reasons Why People Take Advantage of Your Kindness

Tell me if you’ve ever experienced the same. Just yesterday I had just met this lady. She was talking with a friend of mine how her coworkers constantly take advantage of her kindness and willingness to help. And I have had the unpleasant encounter of exactly the same kind of people in my personal life too. We all know how they look like: interactions between people are all about giving and receiving and they always queue up in the getting end only. Unfortunately, you get to be blamed for being kind, generous, “people pleaser”, helping.

Build a Better Version of You That You Can Be Proud Of

Everyone has one thing in common: a desire to change something (or maybe, many things) about their current reality. It’s normal to want better. More. The same can be said for people who join a gym, enlist the services of a life coach, start their own business, buy a self-help book, make a New Year’s resolution, go on a diet or plead for ‘one more chance’.

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