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Becoming Your Best Self – 3 Signs You Are in Avoidance

There are many clues to the fact that we are in avoidance. Here are a few of those clues, with a technique you can use to overcome that avoidance and put your whole self into the process of growing and developing.

What You Think Has a Direct Bearing on Your Behaviour

We undoubtedly live in a thought world, which is part of a thought universe. Thought is the only power which can produce tangible results from the formless substance. Our thoughts determine the way we live.

What Are You Worth? We Should Not Under Estimate Ourselves

The question, “What are you worth?'” inevitably has people reaching for their bank statements and calculators, but the amount of money and possessions we have is far from the only way to measure our worth, for our value as a person surely outweighs purely material considerations – important as these are to the enjoyment of life, the truth about money is that it doesn’t measure worth, only the level of comfort in his or her life. Real worth is something very different.

Be A Daily Thinker Challenge

Being a daily thinker is not when a random thought out from no where pops into your mind. This type of thinking will get you no where. But, if you control your thoughts on a particular topic or subject for a period of time then you are thinking. Concentrate on purpose so that you can learn increasing your knowledge one thought at a time.

Be A Daily Reader Challenge

How often do you read? It can can be a chore for some people to read because they do not like to read for one reason or another. I was one of them for several years of my life. Today if I am not careful I still find myself trying to revert back to my old ways settling down in a state of not reading. It is hard to break those bad habits, change those bad habits, and keep them form showing up at the most inopportune times.

Enrich Your Life With the Benefits of the Modern Culture and Indulge

The human ability to develop into more complex forms of being through consciousness is dependent on the knowledge it uses to shape itself. And now at the gates of wondrous discoveries in the exploration of the possibilities of our existence, we see how the gradual accumulation of history is not anymore dependent on oral heritage. It can be written down and read by other humans from distant generations.

Improving Self-Awareness Is Key to Personal Growth

You need to know who you are, what’s your goal in life, your aspirations you’re about to discover as a human being. Your interactions with peers, colleagues, and friends reflects what kind of person you are. You should set your self-awareness and be conscious of who you are, how you should react to certain situations, especially in dealing with others. Making aware of what you do or interact in every circumstances makes you realize that your emotions, habits, values, personality and needs to works in conjunction with what you do favorably.

Get Unstuck With Self-Coaching

Do you find that many days you do not have a focus? Do you find yourself just responding to what the day brings your way? Are you always putting out fires and not getting the work done that your have sitting on your desk? You are not along, believe me! Many people are feeling the same way. We have so much to do, so much stimulation around us that it is difficult to get focused and to stay focused. In order to keep yourself on track, either on a daily basis or longer term, it can be very useful to have a way to coach yourself into being focused and productive.

Tips to Self Improvement and Personal Development

Self-improvement is a very large area to cover. There are people who feel a small amount of motivation is all it takes to improve their work situation and there are others that have decided to work on changing bad habits. These are just a couple of areas that are included in self-improvement. When someone says he needs to go to a self-improvement seminar, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? The answer you give to this question is probably the first place you would begin on your road to self-improvement.

Self-Improvement Can Always Be Improved!

Self-improvement is never ending since we can always improve in one way or another. If we allow ourselves to get staid in our ways, improvement will be hampered and/or non-existent, which is the exact existence we should not want. Get going and improve–your personal growth is depending on you!

Understanding Your Conscious and Unconscious Minds

So much of what we do is with our conscious mind – we are aware that we are doing these things – yet the unconscious mind is busily at work in the background. For instance, we think consciously about what we are going to say when we write a speech but our unconscious mind is minding our physical store. It makes sure our heart beats, that we breathe – it keeps our bodily functions going without our having to think consciously about those things. Most of us don’t think about and/or don’t know much about our unconscious mind but it is very important to who we are and how we go about living our lives.

Your Subconscious Has You By The Throat – Break Free From The Strangle Hold And Discover Magic

The subconscious mind is infinitely more powerful than we could ever imagine. 95% of the things we do, say, and our behaviour is under the direct control of the subconscious mind. Someone might tell you that you sound exactly like your father when you speak, to which you reply “no I do not!”, but in saying so you do it in exactly the same way as he does. It is phenomenal to think how much of the things we do in our daily lives are under the influence of programming that has been hard-wired into us since early on in our childhood years. The first step to taking control and realizing that you can literally accomplish anything you want, is developing an awareness of the vices of your subconscious mind.

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