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7 Ways to Stop Missing Out On Life

Ever feel like you’re missing out on life? It’s a sign from deep inside you something needs to change. Here’s 7 tips that can help…

Life Tips For Cholerics: Winning Spiritual Mind Battles

This article is one in a series that explores how different temperaments might fight the “battle of the mind” most effectively. The mind is the battleground for a significant portion of spiritual warfare. We explore the Choleric temperament here.

Sin – The Debt You Owe To Yourself

The Aramaic word hobha means both “debt” and “sin”. This might go some way to explaining the combination of these expressions in what is known as “the Lord’s Prayer”. Forgive us our sins, for we also forgive everyone who sins against us.

So Can Goals Really Help You To Get Off Of Your Butt And Do Something? – Part 2

So Can Goals Really Help You To Get Off Of Your Butt And Do Something? – Part 2 is the final part of a 2 part series. We will be taking a close look at an astonishing fact, that even the elite go getters can so often even forget to apply to their own desired lives outcomes.

Negative Response Patterns Hidden In Our Reactions

Have we allowed negative response patterns into our lives? Have we allowed them to become unconscious habits that can sabotage our good intentions?

Understanding Kundalini Tantra

Fundamentally, kundalini is creative energy. It is so often associated with tantric sex because in the tantric sciences, sex itself is the ultimate creative act. However, mastering the intricacies of kundalini tantra is not all about attaining greater sexual prowess.

Why Abuse Occurs: Overcoming the Victim Mentality

Having a victim mindset and judgmental attitudes are two of the biggest hindrances to spiritual growth. Therefore, one huge step in clearing your energy field and beginning to create purer frequencies is to stop seeing yourself as a victim-of anything! Here are three reasons why abuse might occur at a soul level and how to begin to heal from it.

Mid Life Crisis and Self Esteem

A middle life crisis can rock the fabric of one’s life. Often times the person going through the mid life crisis causes a life crisis for those closest. At the basis of mid life crisis is a self esteem crisis–a question of who one is. The good news is that life can go on and be better than before the mid life crisis.

Communication – Clarity And Personal Boundaries Are Key For Positive Women

Have you ever read between the lines to determine what someone REALLY meant by what they said? There is a better, more respectful way for all of us to communicate, which delivers clarity and respect, although personal boundaries are necessary to achieve it. Here are three tips to help you.

How Healing Emotional Wounds Is Like Healing Physical Wounds

Physical wounds are easy to spot as they usually leave physical evidence of an injury such as a broken bone or blood. They also leave emotional evidence such as anxiety or pain. Emotional wounds, like physical, can leave physical evidence such as loss of appetite or sudden sickness. They also leave emotional evidence such as depression or anger. However they do not always leave evidence. These wounds are much harder to spot because they have been hidden or denied for so long but far more devastating in the end if not properly addressed.

What Is The Meaning Of My Life?

As we mature, we often are faced with the inevitable question of ‘what is the purpose of my life’. Very few people know from a young age what their purpose in life is so for the rest of us it is a constant searching and often we are not even aware of this. However, to find fulfilment, we need to ask a few questions or else we are just drifting through life. At any age we can still strive to find our purpose and make our life meaningful.

Do Not Allow Minor Upsets to Take Over Your Life

It happens to all of us those little things, like someone jumping the queue, but it is important to remember they are not life changing. That is unless you allow them to take over your life.

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