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How Do You Get Your Inspiration?

Can’t buy it anywhere. If it could be bottled and sold it would have been. We have many speakers who are billed as inspirational speakers and they usually are yet when the high wears off do you have any tangible steps to follow to replicate that state?

Journal Writing: An Antidote to Muddling Through Life

Every one of us, creators of our individual lives, have to be comfortable with some degree of muddling through in order to move on to higher levels of clarity. Journal writing is a salve for muddling through. Writing about the experience is soothing after a stressful day of muddling. You can feel better by simply expressing the frustration and cloud of confusion that surrounds you.

Christmas All Year Long

Like Ebenezer Scrooge, try to honour the Christmas spirit all year long. You will be rewarded with the gift of joy and the precious present of a peaceful mind.

Perfection Cure: Life’s a Pain, and That’s the Beauty of It!

Have you ever thought about how desperately we all run around expending energy so that our lives and businesses can be perfect? A perfect life? A perfect business? I promise you, it’s out of the question! Perfection (and a great business or a great life) has nothing to do with everything being perfect, and peace of mind has nothing to do with outward things being peaceful. The true key to happiness, peace of mind, and success is in the way we choose to see our imperfect world and our imperfect businesses, in whether or not we choose to embrace our imperfect lives, and how we choose to interact with imperfect people and our imperfect customers.

The Real Reason People Don’t Change

Change. The word invokes visions of changes we have seen in our own lives. It can inspire, force adaptation and evolve the very way we think. It can also instill fear, trepidation and nervousness in even the most unshakable souls.

How to Get Taller Fast Naturally

Discover tips which you can use to get taller fast inside this article. It reveals methods which can aid anyone looking for ways to get taller fast. How to get taller fast naturally is what many men and women from around the world sought for, so it is nothing new.

Excellence Occurs When Change Is Created

Make A Decision To Create Change: First, let’s examine the word “decision.”Β  The Latin root for the word decisionΒ  is – to cut off from.

How Do You Think of Yourself?

When you see yourself the world’s way, you will think who you are is based on what you do, what you have, how you look, or on what other people think about you. You will feel good about yourself when you have been successful in these externals but if you are unsuccessful you will believe you are worthless.

How to Find Your Own Self – Getting to Know Your Spirit

This article gives practical steps to understanding the spirit a person possess. It is also a inspirational and motivating factor to help reader’s know the importance of how the spirit works in relation to life and their level of success. Readers will be given an activity to do which helps them to understand who they are and where to begin in knowing if they don’t. They will walk away with a new perspective of who they are and who they should be.

Changing Yourself – Don’t Change Yourself For Somebody Else

You say you want something to be different: for example maybe you want to lose weight or give up smoking. Yet you’ve tried so many times before to achieve your goals and not succeeded. Why might that be? Could it be that your goal is not your personal goal but something you’ve agreed to try to do because someone else says they want you to?

What to Focus on When You Journal

What do you write about when you journal? What are topics which bear the most fruit for you?

Changing the Course of Your Whole Life

Is it possible to change the course of your whole life, or is it pre-destined and ‘fate’ what happens to you? Although no-one can be sure what the answer to that question is, it seems that sometimes one happening changes the direction you were heading in. It could have been a chance meeting with someone or a decision not to do something on a day when a disaster struck and so you were not involved in it, or perhaps when you had to make a difficult decision about something then the choice you made set you on a very different path than if you had made another choice.

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