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People Skills – Dealing With People – The Good and the Bad

Unless you have decided to never leave your house for the rest of your life, everybody needs to learn at least some form of people skills. Because most of us do leave our homes and must come in contact with people every day of our lives, the development of proper people skills is essential to living a more enjoyable life.

How To Increase Your Level Of Motivation Whenever You Wish

Do you want to learn how you can increase your level of motivation at any moment you wish? If your answer is a yes, read this article right now. You are going to discover some of the most powerful techniques how you can do so.

Expressing Feelings And Emotions – 3 Vital Reasons For Letting Your Feelings Out

Being able to express and process emotions is actually quite beneficial to us. Happiness, anger, frustration, excitement – let these feelings out! Read on to discover the advantages of expressing feelings and emotions.

Personal and Professional Growth Plan – 5 Secrets That Can Improve Your Life Today

With today’s tough economic times, everyone is looking for ways to boost their business and their income. Many people are working twice as hard while only being able to afford half as much. If you truly want to make a difference in your financial situation, business success and personal life then having a top notch personal and professional growth plan is key.

Understanding A Warrior To Become A Neutronic Being Through Practicing Martial Arts

There are three main paths to become enlightened, and these can be considered when becoming a Neutronic Being: warrior, priest, ascetic. There are others, but these three pretty much sum up the main pathways. While they seem at odds, these paths do…

Change Of Mind

One pretty woman ran away from the altar in her wedding day. She did it two times before with the different grooms and this time was the third. Her new groom and everyone was shocked. They ran after her, but she disappeared.

Getting Words Of Encouragement Is The Definition Of True Friendship

Ask yourself if they ever have offered you some words of encouragement. Sometimes people do not realize that the reason of their failure is due to their closest friends…

Quiet the Chaos and Redraw Your Box

It has been said, “If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting.” We’re so used to coloring within the lines of the box we’ve drawn that we don’t realize we can quiet the chaos of our busy lives and actually “redraw the box” to create a life that fills and nourishes your soul.

Hoarding – What Does Hoarding Have To Do With Emotional And Energetic Well-Being?

I hope you’re having an awesome day. The weather here (NW Florida) is beautiful and sunny. It’s a great day to take a walk and reflect on the many thoughts that pop up.

Unseen, Untouched, Underneath – But Understood

Knowledge without understanding is incomplete. Knowledge without understanding is like a tree with no roots. The roots are the tree’s source…. A tree cannot survive without its roots. Roots are the base of a tree. A tree needs something to prop it up. Without roots a tree would fall over. Roots give life to the tree… Without roots a tree is nothing but a log.

Lessons From Rome for Personal Development

I recently attended a national conference that was themed: Reclaiming and Living out the Values of a Just and Caring Society”. The conference discussed the following values as key to building of the world’s youth (1. Integrity and Honesty – 2. Justice – 3. Respect and Acceptance – 4. Responsibility and Accountability – 5. Industriousness (self worthiness and self-reliance) – 6. Compassion and Care).

The Martial Arts As A Pathway To The God Concept

Up to this point in history the idea of perceiving the God Concept through the martial arts was considered nigh impossible. If one wants to understand God, the reasoning goes, one must…

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