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What Does Age Have To Do With Anything?

There’s an expression that I’ve heard over and over again – “If you didn’t know how old you were, then how old do you think you’d be?” More and more baby boomers are leaving the corporate world and starting their own businesses – only to come up against the mindset that perhaps they are too old to start up a business. This mindset not only exists in the ‘outside world’ but is even stronger inside our own heads!

Simple Habits That Can Change Your Life Into A Better One

Not all people know that simple habits can help them change their lives. Simple habits will not exactly change their lives, but somehow, they will.

Have A Better Life With These Simple Habits

Did you know that simple habits can change your life? Well, they won’t directly change your life, but in some way, they will.

How Simple Habits Can Improve Your Life

Only few people know that simple habits can help them improve their lives. Simple habits can’t exactly change their lives, but in some way, they will.

Overview of Systemic Therapy and Its Role in Gestalt Therapy

Systemic thinkers view things in the context of their environment, and not in isolation. For example, some motor mechanics faced with cars that will not start will look further than whether there is petrol in the tank or not – they will also consider whether it rained the previous night, and whether this could have caused an electric contact to be damp. Mechanics like these have a similar view on life as do Gestalt Therapists, although perhaps neither would appreciate the connection.

What Is Meridian Tapping (EFT)?

Right from babies when we hurt we hold, pat, and rub our bodies for comfort – our Mothers would “rub it better”. This is our natural instinct, we are after all only creatures of nature.

Discover Your Life Purpose

One of the scariest things each one of us has to face at some point or another, is the question of “What is my life purpose”, Why am I here”. This really is a powerful question to be asking and is the best thing that could ever happen, because it really means you have come to a point in your life where you have realized that there is so much more than what you are currently doing.

Dreams: Do We Have Control When We Dream?

Are we rendered powerless while in the dream state? Or can we claim our power and manipulate our dreams?

How To Stop Procrastinating By Asking For Support

If you find yourself procrastinating and not being able to reach the goals you’ve set for yourself, you may have gotten stuck because of lack of appropriate information. It’s not always easy to admit you don’t know all the answers, especially if you believe others will think less of you if you admit ignorance. But sometimes the only way to move forward is to overcome your reluctance and connect with an appropriate person.

Getting Rid of Your Fear of Public Speaking

The Fear of Public speaking is one of the most widespread fears that people have. Public speaking is all about making a speech before spectators. Even though this undertaking seems to be somewhat clear-cut, there are numerous issues that could come into play, which makes this a real kind of fear and not an irrational one.

Doctor, How To Have A More Balanced Life

As a busy doctor, you will have all sorts of tasks that you have to complete, not only in relation to patient care, but also completing your research projects, keeping up-to-date with journal reading, interacting with colleagues, admitting patients and dealing with emergencies. Improving your work-life balance means that it’s important to allocate time for all these things and also having time for a life outside of medicine. Is that easier said than done?

If You Could Change One Thing About Yourself, What Would It Be?

What would you change today if you could? There are No Limits here; you’ve already been empowered. I said, “if you could” so just assume that you can. With your answer in mind, ask yourself “how” you’ll do that, and then Listen. Perhaps this short little article will be therapeutic in a way. It will if you allow it to be. If you’ve been trying to change something and find that you’ve been unable to this point, please realize that you’re not alone. It’s easy to feel like “you’re the only one”, but most likely millions are going through the same process. I’m not saying to simply accept that “it’s normal” or trying to make you feel better with “misery loves company”. You’re not alone because there are those who can help you unravel the mystery that is similar to others, but uniquely yours.

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