Detach from Your Desires and Allow The Universe to Deliver Your Manifestation [JUST DO THIS!]

Criticism – Everyone Has An Opinion

I am Chair of a large provincial organization and every year we have a Conference. The Executive Assistant who sets up her desk in the lobby of the hotel where the Conference is held states that she spends most of her time listening to complaints from the attendees.

Who Lives On Your Shoulder?

Many years ago I had a client who had been involved in a very traumatic incident at work. Because of this, she was horribly afraid of the idea of ever holding a job again.

Boring Is Good

We live in a society that seems to be performance and crisis driven. Everyone I talk with seems to be tired and when asked “How are you?” replies with “I’ve been so busy”.

How to Get Out of a Bad Argument

Arguments can be said to be a very poor use of your valuable time and energy, indeed it could be suggested that they might inflict mental damage. And if arguments do have the ability to give you damage, it might be worth-while avoiding unnecessary ones at all cost. So the idea of effective planning to avoid them could be something worth considering.

Get Rich Quick Schemes – Be Careful What You Ask For

Many societies would seem to promote the idea that getting rich is the goal that people should be seeking to achieve in life. Indeed there are many people who would attempt to get rich by selling deceptive schemes which might promise you the opportunity to become rich quickly. But it may well be found that the bulk of these schemes may just be attempts to separate you from your hard earned money. So are there ways that can honestly allow you to become rich in a short time?

Where You Came From

As we pursue our goals and live out our dreams, sometimes we forget where we came from. When we reap the fruits of all our labor, we sometimes get so caught up that we forget the struggles that we had to endure to get there. Going back to where we came from can be so humbling, and can be an important step to going forward.

As I Start to Love Myself Today

Each one of us goes through “darkness” at some point in our lives. We lose our direction and our compasses. You can find your way back to the light in your life. Restore yourself.

Meditation Techniques for Stress Treatment

Meditation is not just for those “new age” people who wear tie-dye and attend 5am yoga classes. No, these days, even type-A corporate types are acknowledging the therapeutic powers of meditation. In today’s fast-paced world, we need every tool we can to combat stress and its negative effects. For that reason, we all owe it to ourselves to at least consider meditation as a viable option. If you are not sure about what meditation can do for you, then it’s a great idea for you to try it out yourself, from the comfort of your own home. Here are some great meditation techniques for stress relief.

A Life Changing Word

There’s one very small but powerful word that has the power to transform your life. It’s such a simple word.

5 Ways to Seed, Nurture and Grow Trust

Trusting ourselves is essential to our growth, development and well-being. Learn simple easy practical tools you can implement and incorporate into your daily life.

Great Words From Great Minds

People’s words mean nothing than the actions they show. There are other people who still remain true to their words, and because they are true, they are the ones that become the great minds of different centuries up till now.

7 Ways to Develop Emotional Mastery

The following article contains the seven ways in which anyone can attain mastery over their emotions. To master one’s emotions is to master life itself. The ability to be aware of, manage, control and understand our own emotions and behavior, and the emotions and behaviors of others is called emotional intelligence. Achieving emotional intelligence or emotional mastery can be achieved through these seven ways- conscious breathing, movement, refocus, re-framing, gratitude, never assuming and meditation.

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