Destiny’s Call 2020 – The Leo King 2020 & Beyond Astrology Predictions (Released For Public Record)

7 Reasons Why It’s Important to Live From Heart Consciousness

So, what’s all the hub bub about Heart Consciousness? Our Heart centered truth always communicates with us. Never is there a time when it does not MOVE, BREATH and THINK with each of us. We already carry “Heart Centered Consciousness or just a Heart center inside each of us”. Never is there a time where your heart center is outside of you where you feel you must find it, seek it out or go in search of it. Your Heart never hides from you and is always present and patiently waiting for you to recognize what is being freely given to you. By consciously making an effort to be in our heart center we regain our KNOWING. To get to internalize heart consciousness it does not take work; it takes remembering, enjoying, rejoicing, recognizing, playing and Knowing.

You Never Miss The Water Until The Well Runs Dry

Do not allow your well to run dry. Prime the pump daily with acknowledgement, encouragement and kindness for everyone that matters to you! If you do that, you will always have a great wealth of fabulous people in your life and your environment will forever be positive, progressive, and infinitely pleasurable.

Now You Can Create Change in the Shortest Time Possible

Focused Intention Technique Process – “A tool for creating lasting change in the shortest time possible.” As each of us expands in our own understanding and consciousness, that growing level of awareness raises the level for everybody on the planet. The trick lies in how to open up to your true identity and inner power so that you can live from the heart without losing your mind, right? The Focused Intention Technique process, also known as FIT is a simple technique consisting of questions which take you into your “feeling body”, the part of you guided by heart centered consciousness.

Dealing With the Adverse Effects of Negative Energy From Others

The law of attraction is something that everyone should know about and then they could easily see all of the negative and positive in their lives and in the lives that they used to live. Such negativity can really affect all parts and areas of your life. If you choose to ignore the problems like most people then there are things that you must be prepared for.

Professional Online Branding 2.0

Succeeding in the 21st century requires a well thought-out strategy on personal branding. This piece discusses some suggestions on how to build a professional online persona.

How Do You Prepare Personally to Meet Disaster Head-On?

There is more to preparing for disaster than providing for physical needs. It also includes emotional, mental, and spiritual preparation. And just how do you go about doing that?

Can You Land That Airplane?

Do you feel like your life is a never ending flight to nowhere? Maybe it’s time to get off the flight and choose a new destination.

How To Create A Habit – 5 Factors That Create A Habit

Habits are important part of our lives. In this article I describe five factors, that are important when forming new habits.

Learning to Carve Wood – What Tools Do You Need?

In order to become a better wood carver I subscribed to a couple of wood carving magazines. Those magazines became very much like another tool for me because the articles in them actually helped to teach me how and what to carve. They were also a rich source of reference for patterns, raw wood, carving books and other equipment needed for successful carving.

Are You Feeling Stuck, Uninspired, a Lack of Purpose in Your Life? 5 Tips to Re-Engage in Your Life

Are you feeling stuck, uninspired, or worse – lack of direction or purpose? Not clear on what’s next for you or struggling to balance it all? What’s the common thread to pushing beyond and creating exactly what you want in your life? Understanding your Personal Needs and Personal Values and the difference between them.

Soldiers of the Mind

For the most part, I think people not on the right path in life just “do not see it” or just do not know what to do to about it or they feel helpless to do anything. I believe realizing what is happening to you is life saving knowledge. This article is called “soldiers of the mind” because of my perception of how things work in our minds.

Two Ways to Knowledge and Understanding

All of the quietly calm people who’ve passed through our lives have left their safe and certain mark, and we’ve been direct benefactors. When we spare our words and can remain cool in spirit, despite circumstantial panic joining inner panic, we have two ways that get us to knowledge and understanding – components of virtuous prudence, a heavenly attribute.

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