Deliberate Creation Between You & The Universe | What I Learnt from My Awakening Journey..

How Important Is Personal Development in Your Life!

Personal development is a very private matter and what it means to me may not necessarily be the same thing that it means to you. However, there is one aspect of personal development that is the same for each and every one of us – the need to improve.

Selflessness As Pure Selfishness

We are constantly reminded by various sources that it is best to give completely of ourselves to others without expectation of reward or special favor as a path of spiritual harmony or, as some may call it, salvation or redemption. Pure selfishness is based on the idea that, in order to accomplish anything worthwhile, in our own estimation we must and should be able to accept the perfection of our own idea before we are free to give with joy to another.

To Have Patience Is a Virtue

How would you gain patience when you are such an impatient person? Being an impatient person myself, I am teaching myself on this subject.

Getting Rid of Your Personal History

In today’s episode, I start with an ancient parable about 2 monks. The moral of this story is to remind you to let go of whatever baggage you may be carrying. Let go of regret and any limiting beliefs this may have caused you so you can focus on the now and moving forward.

What’s Your Personal Plan For Building And Enhancing Your 4 Main Components?

One of the most overlooked aspects ignored by far too many of us, is focusing on, building, using and creating a meaningful balance in our personal lives. Without focusing on balancing our various needs, we make it even more challenging to succeed in even one aspect. Remember that no one lives in a vacuum, and that you are the same person, regardless of the activity involved in.

Why It Is Hard to Say No – Learn to Say No To Others and Yes to Yourself!

While ‘Just Say No’ may be most recognized as a response to using drugs, it is a battle many people fight every day. They want to say no to a request or demand, even believe it is the right response and yet… slowly and haltingly they say yes. Why? What could lie at the root of this malady? It’s you. It is imprisoned in the way we want others to see us; in how we want to be perceived or remembered in any encounter where we make this choice.

Standing Still IS Moving Forward

Consider this: Standing still and moving forward are not mutually exclusive! It seems that we are all on the fast track to get somewhere, do something memorable, make our mark and find our purpose. But, at what cost?

Freedom From the Fear of Feeling Powerless

Nothing in the universe can make us relive some painful moment as long as we choose to live from the higher understanding that no old dark thought has the power to define us, let alone to drag us down. Without our unconscious consent the past is powerless to punish us in the present moment.

2.6: Prepare for Action – PLAN

Have you ever ridden in a multi-million dollar executive jet? My brother has been a professional pilot all his life. I once flew with him from Colorado to Florida in one of the most technologically advanced executive jets ever built.

The Healing Power of Stories – Why You Must Tell Your Story

Over the last 16 years, while working with hundreds of people on the telling of their stories, it has become clear to me that storytelling can be a healing process for the storyteller as well as for the listener. This happened to me personally just last month. I participated in a local evening of storytelling called The Story Project.

Returning Full Circle

Have you ever found yourself standing at the origin of a place you once departed? Did you have a feeling of deja vu, familiarity, reflection, or a sense of belonging? Did you see things differently? Were your senses heightened as you contemplated? Did your destination lead you directly back to your rudimentary unfinished business? Did you feel the place you left behind, had all the while been awaiting your return? Did you feel a sense of calmness and a realization that you had returned full circle?

Your Ego – It Does the Driving

The ego is an interesting thing. It drives everything that we do, but so few of us are really in touch with how our egos work. A little understanding can be a life changing thing.

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