deja vu (singing)

How to Prove the Past Is Gone, Then Move Beyond

Life is way too short and too valuable to waste on emotional setbacks. You’re encouraged to get the proper help, let go of the painful past, and learn to live a fulfilling and productive life.

Define a Word – Ambition

Defining a word always includes other words. In trying to define the word and intent of ambition, you must also include personal achievement, personal improvement, Goals, and ethics. The word “ambition” almost never stands alone. Other descriptive words must also be included to work with ambition.

When You Lose Someone Who Loves You

I can hear the roar of the crowd coming at me. What have I really lost, you ask? Here are just some of the answers I can hear being shouted out at me: I’ve lost a lifetime of memories with this person. I’ve lost my life with them. I’ve lost my life as I know it. I’ve lost my self-esteem. I’ve lost my hopes and my dreams with this person. I’ve lost everything. I’ve lost the one person I love more than anything.

Make a Decision

Every day we make choices; what to wear, what to eat, what to say, what not to say, which way to drive to work, what chores to do first, who to go to lunch with, how much time you spend doing something and on and on. Most of these decisions we make unconsciously, it’s just part of the routine and we don’t even notice ourselves making them.

Well, Inner Conversations With Me, Myself and I

Watching inner conversations with ourselves can lead to greater insight and allow the move towards becoming a better person. Justification for our actions and thoughts is part of a self-monitoring system which often involves our “conscience”.

What Types Of Sex Dreams Do You Have?

Sex is a natural, healthy and pleasurable part of life, so it’s not surprising that we dream about it. What is surprising, especially in this sexually liberal society, is that only about eight percent of our dreams are sexual.

Discouragement, Frustration, And Depression On The Way to Success

We need not try to avoid discouragement, frustration, and depression. They always happen on the way to success. The only way to get them out of our lives is to get to work trying to accomplish something important and to get to a better place in our lives.

SOUL TRAINING: 2 Simple Ways To Clarify Your Higher Purpose

There are times in our lives when we may feel confused about our ‘higher purpose’. And it is often at these times that we reach for books, search the web, or talk to our friends to check if they ever feel the same way. These conversations might start late at night when the topic goes a bit deeper than usual.

It’s Time to Adapt Your Adaptations

As human beings we have a remarkable capacity to adapt to our environment. Usually, we make adaptations because they help us feel better in some way. I like to think of the natural personalities we’re born with as being like an amoeba – not well defined, kinda free-form and readily changeable to suit the environment.

Don’t Try To Skip The Bad Parts

Life is made up of good and bad, and we often wish we could eliminate the “bad”. But only through learning from the hard parts of our lives can we get better, and have more fulfilling lives. Only by overcoming difficulties can we be truly successful.

I Hope So

Hope is not as passive as common English seems to make it. Hope is an active emotion and philosophy. It is necessary that we hope and expect good things and success. Anything good in our lives is impossible without hoping and expecting them to come to us.

Give And Live

Giving up something important to help someone else is necessary to our well being. If we hoard everything we have, good things will stop coming to us. Even if we have very little we must give or we will always have little.

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