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Learn How To Be Who You Really Are

Being who you really are is very important. I personally think it is the most important thing in life. This is because there is only one of you.

Change Your Life – How To Create The Life Of Your Dreams

Are you wanting to change your life? Maybe your career, relationships, or making more money. That’s great, but there is a complete disconnect with what you have been told and what’s actually real.

You Must Start Taking Responsibility

If you ever want to move forward in life you must take responsibility for your life and your actions. Everything up to this point in your life, whether good or bad, is over with. You must take control over your life now in the present.

From Ego Action to Essence Embodiment

You’ve heard the saying “You must be the change you want to see” and “You can’t create a new paradigm with old paradigm thinking.” What does that mean, really? And then, once we’ve shifted our thinking, how do we change our actions and priorities to embody the inner wisdom we’ve gained? What I’m talking about here is the deeper level of integration and effectiveness caused by healing the split between inner truth and outer expression. Ultimately we are looking for a way to fully embody our essence in the world.

Living in the Present Moment, a Ticket to Peace

This article will outline why living in the present moment to the fullest is a surefire way to head toward happiness. The article presents some simple techniques for focusing on you present moment.

Focus On What You Want – Not What Others Think of You

Being a lover of self-help and a Life Coach, I have spent many years “working on” myself so to speak especially on learning how to not care what other people think of me. I have gotten pretty good at it; however, this was not the case about a week ago. Last week I was in New York City, my friend and I rented bikes for four hours to ride around Central Park (incredibly beautiful by the way).

Temptation – Giving In To It – So What?

Human problems can arise when one lacks a firm foundation of values. Without ethical principles are you not tempted to live a life in which “anything goes,” or leave you unable to discern what is right and wrong in any given situation? Who doesn’t give in to temptation sometimes? Doing so can leave you feeling dissatisfied, guilty or empty because I would suggest you have distanced yourself a little from the spirit of goodness that had been inspiring and uplifting your life.

Flexing Mental Muscles to Build a Better Life

Each of us has 6 intellectual faculties, called mental muscles, that we can use and optimize to create a better lives for ourselves. When you put these intellectual faculties to work, you will be able to control your emotional mind and emotional state and bring about results you want.

Reflections on Getting Older

Today, as I approach another birthday I’m taking time to reflect on life and the direction I’m heading. How do you spend your ‘big’ birthdays? Here are some of my thoughts on getting older.

What Did You Just Say?

Negative self-talk will keep you stuck. But like any habit you have the ability to change your internal dialogue from a bad to a good habit.

Three Ways You Can Be Happy at Work

For far too many people, going to work is a painful experience. In fact, getting up on Monday morning to start our week is a traumatic experience. While taking a shower, we are hoping the week flies by so that Friday can get here. We dread the drive to the office knowing that work is waiting for us.

The Problem With Envy

Having a competitive fire is necessary for those wishing to excel. If we want to climb the corporate ladder, generate more sales, or separate ourselves from the pack, we need to be uncomfortable with our current situation. In other words, we can’t be happy sitting on the sidelines waiting for things to happen in our favor. We need to get in the game!

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