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How Authentic Are You Really?

Few people would deny that our outward behavior is the result of our deepest intentions and yet sometimes the results of our behaviour may not necessarily be what we intended. Particularly if we are not skilled or practiced in using our bodies and voice to communicate what we intend. Ideally the authentic self would be an integration of all four dimensions of human being – body, heart, mind and spirit. However, in our experience there is usually a gap between each of the dimensions of self.

You Can Solve Any Problem

You think no one has problems like you do. You may be right, so you’ll want to read about the five universal truths about problems.

Why Everyone Should Be Thankful By Giving!

“Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving.” – W.T. Purkiser. We all look forward to Thanksgiving. We have great food, fun with family and friends, and for many, a football game is the soundtrack for a day of relaxation.

The Responsibilities of Manhood

Manhood carries with it certain responsibilities and our response to these duties will determine how successful we are as men. Join us today as we briefly discuss some of the Responsibilities of Manhood!!

Career Success Ingredients You Must Know

Career satisfaction, or career success, is a pleasurable or positive emotional state resulting from the appraisal of one’s work experiences. It has has more ingredients than what we are regularly fed with. It is not entirely a result of good education or working hard. There are some soft skills that count a lot.

5 Ways You Give Away Your Power

No one intentionally gives away their power, but it happens. Here are five key reasons our powerful selves slip out the door and how you can invite him/her back in.

Aiming for Happiness, Missing the Mark

Happiness feels great, but it’s fleeting. Satisfaction lasts. Find out how to shift your focus from passing happiness to long lasting satisfaction and reap the life rewards!

Find Your Passion And Change Your Life – Choosing A Business Or Career You Will Love

Are you passionate about your work and your life? Read on to learn more about how to find the work that is right for you and will fulfill your goals and dreams.

Is Your Life a Series of Verticals? Horizontals? Diagonals? Or a Parquet Floor?

As you read this article, look at your surroundings. Notice those things that are straight, rigid, a foundation, laying flat, on a slant, going every which way. Do any of these describe your life? Read on to gain a perspective of where your life is going and how you can direct the course of it.

Suffering – Is It Good for the Character?

Human suffering appears to be an inevitable part of life. But is it also necessary? The contention in this article is that pain, distress and other forms of suffering are often useful in obliging us to turn away from complacency, laziness, and self-centredness. It is only through making mistakes that some of us can learn some of the spiritual lessons of life.

We All Live Our Lives in the Confines of Fear

One of my favourite musicians, Ben Howard, sings a song called The Fear. And in the chorus sings “We all, live our lives, in the confines of fear.” This statement is extremely profound.

Top Three Ways to Avoid Fighting While Visiting Your Family for the Holidays

The three top ways to prepare and be while going home for the holidays. After reading this you will be empowered, take action from a place of self-honor and release your guilt.

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