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Characteristics of an Abusive Family Upbringing

Many adults dismiss their childhood as “no big deal” or “it really wasn’t that bad”. You might not have had outright physical or sexual abuse, but emotional abuse and neglect are just as damaging. Review the categories of abuse in a family to see just how much your upbringing might have affected you. If you struggle with low self-esteem, shame, feelings of insecurity, addictions, trouble in relationships, or are just generally frustrated with the way your life has turned out, you might need some help to rewire deep, old beliefs.

Being You: An Important Life Skill

I always thought and still do believe that the most important life skills involve financial management, time management and organization. As I wrote my first book on life skills, that was my first chapter. But, as I have researched more and more in relation to life skills, I am beginning to see something more important. This importance revolves around you.

7 Ways to Become More Politically Savvy

Amidst the turbulence of today’s political climate, the process of assessing issues and making one’s vote count is more laborious than ever. These simple tips can help.

How to Turn Less-Than-Ideal Into a Growth Opportunity

Even when things are less than ideal, there is amazing opportunity for growth and opportunity. Growth, learning, and development come from practice. And the more you practice, the more your days will align with the way you want to live your life.

Why You Should Be A Specialist

Being a specialist is liberating. God is able to use our special gift to cover the ground in any domain of ministry. We still evangelize as opportunities open. Curiously, we find more success in it when we worry about it less and concentrate on the gifts we have.

Are You Embracing Responsibility?

Are you one to take responsibility for your actions? Or, do you blame your circumstances or other people for your results? Taking responsibility a key component in moving forward in life. The question is, are you responsible?

Too Involved With Myself

We are very involved with ourselves. We think others should be as excited about us and our lives and our projects as we are. But they aren’t. They’re just like us; they are very involved with themselves. As leaders and winners, when we are with others we should emphasize them and what they are involved with.

Personal Development Who Needs It?

This article covers the importance of personal development and how it directly correlates with one becoming successful at being the best you that you can be. Furthermore, it discusses how pursuing personal development passionately will kill the temptation to become complacent.

Getting Over Midnight Fears

For some people, night time is their favourite part of the day while for some it is not. The night brings pain, sorrow or fear for them. The thing is that God made the night just as he made the day so we should embrace them both. If you are one of those that stay up at night, worrying about your problems then you should read this.

How Do You React To Situations?

Nearly everyone faces some sort of stress on a somewhat regular basis. These stresses are often related to personal or family considerations, business related concerns, unknown or unpredicted situations or events, or facing some sort of obstacle. How each of us react to these stresses generally determine our eventual effectiveness or success.

How Baby Boomers Can Age Gracefully

Are you afraid of aging? Learn the keys to aging gracefully and consciously and watch those fears disappear.

Handling Criticism to Your Advantage

Handling criticism is difficult for most people, but when applied it can be a boon to personal growth. Being open to it is vital. How can you use it to your advantage?

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