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The Positives of Personal Development

Everyone wants to achieve some success in their lives, whether it is on the personal side of life or in the business world. Without having some success, a person can feel a very low sense of self-worth and self-esteem and never seem to get anywhere in life. There are times in everyone’s life where you may feel this way. Different circumstances arise in life and you need to have the right strategies to face them head on to help you get ahead. Personal development is something everyone needs a little guidance with now and then and perhaps the most important aspect of personal development to remember is that you need to set goals for yourself.

Five Notes to Addressing the Wounds on the Inside

The mechanics of healing trauma, whether it’s from abuse, injury or war follow close to the same principles. There are similar basic points to remember when clearing our bodies of physical pain: what causes it and how to release it. The important thing for the observer to know is empathy goes a long way to a speedier recovery and experiential knowledge goes farther still.

Testing Retirement Waters (Part 2 – The Water’s Hot, Hot, Hot!)

How does a Boomer know when or whether it’s time to retire from your current career and to embark on a great new adventure of personal and professional re-invention, renewal, and self-redefinition? (Part 2 — The Water’s Hot, Hot, Hot!) of “Testing Retirement Waters” provides some tangibles to calibrate those retirement water temperatures to determine your comfort level with ‘should I go or should I stay’.

Four Good Reasons to Be Thankful

Thanksgiving Day is easily lost in the flurry of feasting, football and shopping. Here are four good reasons that YOU have to be thankful, not only on Thanksgiving Day, but every day of the year.

Difficult People and the Spiritual Approach

Difficult people – we all encounter them. How should we respond? Is there a spiritual approach that maintains boundaries and a positive experience?

Stuff Happens: Do Something Useful With It

Your day (or life) doesn’t always go as planned. Here are five practices that support you when times are tough, help you create change, and help you be your best self.

Free Speech – Not As Free As We Think

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t voice your opinion online because it wasn’t popular? We’ve all been there. Find out why I think that free speech isn’t so free after all.

Six Ways To Boost Your Career

In going into many companies, I frequently find myself in conversation with staff and management. At some point the issue turns from the specific training to more personal matters – their professional development. Unsurprisingly, this topic never fails to interest. How do we develop professionally? This is a big question. Briefly, let me give you six thoughts that can seriously help you accelerate your career. First, seek more training. Training is the key. Do we have the knowledge, the skills, the motivations to cope with the accelerating rate of change? Moreover, are you in the top 10% of people doing what you do? This should be your ambition. Ongoing training is one vehicle to drive you there. Remember, the person who is in the top 10% never lacks opportunities for work! This is so much better, incidentally, than desperately trying to be number 1 at everything – being number 1 is an exhausting, arduous and perilous process – you can never quite be sure. Being in the top 10% is certain – if you put in the effort and sustain it, you will arrive. Of course, make sure to begin with that you are on the right career path!

Five Reasons Why It Is Harder to Fail Then Succeed

Man was, is and will always be a hunter gatherer. His hunting methods may have changed as well as the things he gathers. But he still is and he takes pride in bringing home the results of his forages, stores them for the future; and even shows them off to friends and associates.

How to Earn Respect of Others

Know by now that respect is gotten by just a few while everyone wants it. In this post, let me share to you the must on how to carry yourself out no matter who you are. If you respect yourself enough chances would be you wanting others to treat you the same.

How to Make Self Improvement Easy and Convenient

Self improvement is always going to require some amount of work. Like most things, if it didn’t require work, then it wouldn’t have much value to it. So, yes, if you want to improve yourself in any domain of life – home, school, career, health, personal goals, or whatever – you’re going to need to dedicate some time, effort, and patience.

Supercharge Your Confidence: How to Be Smooth

Appear more confident today by slowing down your movements. Learning to move more slowly–and importantly smoothly–will get you looking like the confident man you really are! It communicates to the world that you are deliberate in your actions, that you get a lot for a little effort, and that you live life on your own terms

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