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Ten Tips to Start the New Year Refreshed and Reenergized

Even if you love the holidays, it’s no wonder you’re worn out by the time January 1st arrives! Ten simple suggestions to incorporate into your holiday experience so you can set yourself up to start the New Year refreshed, rejuvenated, and reenergized.

Your End Result

Why are you spending your life working so hard to fulfill someone else’s dream and vision, while wishing for a temporary vacation from your self-imposed insanity? Isn’t it about time you chose a new goal, a new path, a new way of life that makes everyday worth living?

30 Minutes to Awesome

Leaders are readers and leaders take the time to listen to personal development audio. Be selfish with your time and spend 30 minutes per day improving yourself.

Do You Understand Your Talents?

We often either witness or experience examples of some sorts of empty rhetoric, which may make the speaker feel either better, superior or more impactful, but have little positive impact on the other party. How many times have you heard someone suggest to another that it was important to develop and better utilize his talents? However, unless it becomes clear and transparent what is meant by TALENTS, how would it ever be possible to address those in any sort of meaningful manner?

What Are Life Skills?

It seems like it would be a simple question to answer, but sometime it is not. Why? Well, because everyone seems to have a different answer. Think about it. If you were to go out and ask ten people what they think life skills are, I am pretty positive that half of the answers would be different.

What To Do When You Feel Bad About Letting Yourself Slip

It has been said over and over: we all make mistakes. For all the careful planning, preparing, dedication and effort we put into a cherished goal it is still impossible to not slip and make mistakes every once in a while. No matter what the gravity of your mistakes are, the real fault lies in letting it derail you from your goal. You end up feeling so bad and sorry for yourself that it becomes so easy to give up. This article is written to help you get back on track…

Change Demands Beginning!

It often appears that many individuals find it easier, and certainly less complex, to talk about, and/ or complain about something, and even demand something be changed, and see the need for this change to be made (and the inherent benefits), than they do commencing definitive action towards that need. However, the reality is that unless you know what you want changed and why, as well as what you’d like to see replace it (and are willing and able to plan effectively towards it), little positive ever occurs. It must be remembered and understood that the one absolute in this…

Singlehood, Motherhood and Life’s 360 Degree Turn

A best friend from college had her daughter’s christening. It was her first but she was not ecstatic at all. Her mother-in-law prepared everything—from the church to the nitty-gritty without even asking what my friend’s plans are.

Get On With It

We can plan, analyze, and research for way to long when we want to change. We will always be surprised and how reality differs from your plans and what we think we have learned. So we have to start. We will learn what we need to know once we start.

Are Trials a Normal Part of Life?

Are you facing continual trials in your life? Are they a normal part of life? Can you overcome them? What does God have to do with it anyway? Should my life now be problem free? These are common thoughts that every person has after they have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. If you are thinking that you are alone in your trials, let me assure you, you are not. We all face trials of various kinds. As we move through them God grows and encourages us. If you need encouragement, read on.

Your No-Regrets Day

If yesterday had turned out to be your last day on earth, would you be happy with how you chose to live it? The eight-week no-regrets challenge can help you climb into bed each night feeling good about the choices that you made… ending the day with no regrets.

7 Quick Tips for Navigating Overwhelm

Overwhelm slides in sideways. Rather than react, discover your best tools for navigating the feelings of stress that accompany overwhelm. Learn how to make new choices any time using these 7 quick tips.

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