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Your Confidence + Competence = Your Ability To Respond

The wisest and most successful individuals are invariably those that understand that the ability to respond in a proactive, capable and effective manner is dependent upon a combination of both one’s self – confidence combined with actual competence (or ability). Far too often, this capability becomes described in an overly simplistic manner, where either mere possession of a positive attitude, or abilities/ competence, etc., are given far too much individual credit for one’s success.

4 Tests for Optimum Moral Behavior – Are You Making the Right Choices?

Moral behavior is a learned activity. If you want to make sure you are making the best decisions for right action, you must become aware of how you make those decisions. You might be surprised by what you find. Use these steps to start you on your way.

You Don’t Have To Worry

If you spend your time worrying, it’s time wasted. Spend your time finding the silver lining behind those dark clouds and you’ll find the clouds will disappear.

No Nonsense Approach to Thinking

Does the average person only use 10% of their brain? Do strokes and brain injuries render a person helpless? Read this short, timely e-zine and find the answers to these and many other questions.

How Successful Are You

Any good fortune that comes your way is nothing more than a stroke of good luck. It doesn’t come always and the happiness it brings is a momentary as the early morning dew. Real success comes from the achievement of what is planned, desired and worked for. To be meaningful and satisfying, it must be the product of hard work, of surmounting countless difficulties. Success is never a walk in park.

Being Gentle With Yourself

People who believe that they might constantly drive themselves in order to be successful might benefit from considering an alternative: being gentle with themselves. The article offers a dozen possibilities.

Love Game

The game of tennis offers a useful metaphor for exploring relationships. In tennis, an unreturnable shot is a winner, but in relationships, an unreturnable comment is a loser. In tennis, the goal is to end the volley, but in relationships, the goal is to keep the ball in play.

How Do You Motivate Yourself? 6 Questions To Consider

Particularly at times of life review, like the end of a year or a significant birthday, we recognise that some of the things we wanted to achieve have not been done. Sometimes, it has been due to factors outwith our control. Often though we have become demotivated and given up. Motivation and engagement is a key issue in business and some of the lessons from that sphere are discussed here, giving them a personal, whole-life slant, ending with six questions to consider as you look to motivate yourself more.

How to Use Your Imagination to Achieve Your Dreams – Lessons From Bob Proctor and Napoleon Hill

If you’ve ever wondered if dreams really do come true… read this. Here are a few lessons courtesy of Bob Proctor and Napoleon Hill on how to leverage your own imagination to live out all of your dreams… they really all can come true… and will if you just believe.

Living On The Edge, Of Your Comfort Zone

Personal growth occurs when you step out of your comfort zone, not when you are teetering on the edge. It is scary when you get to the edge and stepping over may force you into a panic attack. If you keep retreating back to your comfortable safety zone your growth stops. Push through that panic attack and you’ll see what is waiting for you on the other side.

Are You Interested in Cutting Through the Mire of Personal Development?

Are you interested in cutting through the mire of personal development? Would you like your relationships to be more loving and open hearted? Do you want to enjoy a better quality of life at home and at work? There are four questions that, if you can answer with certainty, will completely transform your life. This article explains those four…

The Benefits of Daily Quotes and Meditation

There is unimaginable power enshrined in the Eastern practices of meditation coupled with the daily reading of motivational quotes. This article explores the benefits associated with meditation and daily quotes. It is widely accepted that meditation has a positive impact on wellbeing.

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