Deep Love Tarot Weekly Horoscope August 2-8 2021: New Moon in Leo/Lion’s Gate

Career Counselor Limitations for Planning a Career Change

Spending a lot of time and a lot of money working with a career counselor is not necessarily the first action you should take when planning your career change. Career counselors are trained to assess aptitudes and skills, and then match them against a variety of jobs and vocations to determine the best use of your talents. These jobs are listed in the Standard Occupational Classification system.

Fears I Just Can’t Shake

Have you got an annoying fear you just can’t shake? Are you afraid of spiders, rats, mice, snakes, or some other insect or animal? Maybe you have the fear of personal rejection, or sales rejection. Maybe you are afraid of open spaces or confined places. Maybe you have the fear of heights, water or thunder. There are literally thousands of fears. People all over the world develop fears of all types and then struggle to shake those fears. Sometimes those fears develop into deliberating phobias than majorly impact that person’s quality of life.

Your Purpose

We are capable of accomplishing almost anything we really decide to do. But, many people don’t really decide. What does it mean to decide? Webster offers the two follow definitions; “to make a final choice or judgment about” and “to select as a course of action.” Notice the words ‘final’ and ‘action’. The word ‘decide’ isn’t wishy-washy. It doesn’t mean “I’ll try”.

4 Easy Steps to Overcoming Challenges at Work

Many people who do well with overcoming obstacles in their personal lives have trouble when presented with obstacles at work. Somehow, it seems as though the rules are different in the office and that you are supposed to know all of the answers. Unfortunately, there is often no one around to teach you, what you don’t know.

Why I Love Darkness

I love darkness more than I love light because every dark night has a dawn; and for me darkness leads towards light in the end. So yes, darkness fascinates me. Everything that appears dark has a bright side to it and every bright thing has a dark side to it.

How to Change Your Thinking Paradigm

Changing paradigms is a way to see – another point of view; improve relationships; become open to new possibilities; improve results; and make change easier. How flexible are you?

Baby Step Your Way to Achieving Your Vision

Working towards a big vision is a powerful experience. As a compass, a vision can be a decision-making tool for all of your day-to-day actions. If the action will take you towards your vision, you do it. If it won’t, you don’t. Simple? Yes. Easy? No.

Bad Etiquette – Knowing What To Say, When To Say It, and What To Do!

Etiquette is important. It goes beyond what we do at the dinner table. Bad etiquette can take on a very negative tone that can lead to very uncomfortable situations.

Are You Scared to Be Naked?

Will Rodgers once said, “Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there!”Β  Oh, how true are these words.

Self-Talk, The Conversation Inside: What Is That Little Voice Inside Your Head Telling You?

Self talk or your “inner voice” determines how you perceive every situation. Our self talk gives voice to our inner values and beliefs. Our self talk becomes the “script” of the life we lead, the running commentary in our heads about the world we live in. Nothing in your life happens without some internal thought, comment, or evaluation. If you’re stressed out, depressed, or anxious, there’s a good chance that your self talk is fueling how you feel.

Social Anxiety, Loneliness And Depression – How They’re Connected

Social anxiety, loneliness and depression are really three separate things that all seem to correlate to one another. You can suffer from one, two, or all, if you are not careful. Luckily, there are medicines and treatments, which can help, but you will never get the help you need until you know what all actually are, and how they can work together to turn your world upside down.

Sadness In Singles – The Problem Of Loneliness In The Dating World

At some point in a person’s life – whether man or woman – there will be a feeling of sadness and a feeling of loneliness. It is unavoidable. Just the way that life springs eternal.

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