Deep Love Tarot Weekly Collective Forecast August 9-15: Fated Leo Sun Yod

Everyone Wants a Better Life

We all want a better tomorrow than yesterday. You may not want a better life for yourself but we all definitely want our children to live in a better world with a better future and life. However, simply wishing that is not going to make things happen.

Something in the Mist

A major shift is happening; I can feel it within and see it throughout my reality. Seems everyone is fighting with all they have to hold on to stuff that just doesn’t fit anymore. I notice the turmoil as they fight their negative ego’s voice, telling them fight harder or you will lose everything. This is a lie of course.

Laughing Away Inhibitions

In Laughter Yoga sessions we quite consciously, and knowing full-well what we’re up to, ask you the participant to do really silly things while we laugh together. Having said that, we too behave equally ridiculously and encourage you to laugh too, as loudly and as deeply as you can. In fact, our sessions are all about everybody just being incredibly, ridiculously silly and childish together, while laughing at ourselves the whole time.

Lack of Self-Discipline

The tendency on the part of society to reward poor self-discipline is becoming an increasingly serious problem. People are using emotional disturbances in particular as a way of avoiding stressful situations. They have nervous breakdowns to get out of frustrating jobs, to get their way with their mates, or to command sympathy and attention. Instead of working at problems the hard way by eventually mastering them and becoming adults in the process, they resort to a dramatic and hysterical kind of collapse.

Finding Purpose, Passion and Your True Self With Alex Moiseyev

Over the last 5 years I have struggled with finding what my true passion and purpose in this life is. I’ve struggled with negative influences, lack of direction, confusion & the effects of overwhelming with life’s obstacles. In the back of my mind I’ve always been aware of the fact that there are people whom have struggled with the same issues while also dealing with issues which are foreign to myself.

Your Own Inner Work Affects the Whole World!

What would happen if we each learned to take 100% responsibility for our own feelings and needs – learning to attend to our feelings with compassion for ourselves, and extending that compassion to others? What would happen if each of us were conscious enough to sweep in front of our own door – which means we would be conscious enough not to dump our filth on the rest of the world?

The Christian Life – Seven Powerful Principles, Part 11

As I watch the lives of many Christians, it is appalling how less impact there’s among those we interact with. Walking with God and serving him requires denial, commitment, vision, wisdom, and wealth. Below, you will find seven powerful principles that will make your Christian life relevant.

Belief Perseverance Can Have Devastating Effects On Your Success

Do you have such a strongly held belief that no matter what anyone says, you won’t change your belief? That is belief perseverance. Sometimes, to save face, you won’t budge on your belief about something, but other times you really have such a conviction in what you believe that nothing will alter your thoughts.

The First Step to Success: Positive Self-Efficacy

The power to believe has a tremendous impact on the ability to perform. Positive self-efficacy basically involves a person’s belief in their own ability to perform a certain task. This article discusses self-efficacy; how it is formed naturally and how one can create positive self-efficacy skills.

Forgiveness Is Important

I always thought that forgiveness was solely on an individual basis and never really comprehended the full meaning of it all. Forgiveness comes in layers and with each layer you have to dig deep within yourself and re-live each circumstance. Each layer may take you back a few years while others might take you back to your early childhood. Either way, you must take the journey back. For some the journey might be more painful than others.

Constructive Criticism: Betters But Not Batters

Criticism is the judgement, using analysis and assessment, of the merits and demerits of the actions of an individual. Generally, when we think of the word criticism, a negative thought dominates our mind. But genuinely speaking, constructive criticism is defined as helpful suggestions with socio-emotional propositions. Critics and critical recipients are encouraged to work as a team; both responsible, in their own way, for how criticism is received and inferred.

Communication Skills for a Better Life

You tell the world a great deal about yourself by the way you communicate. Moreover, good communication skills start from within. Having the ability to communicate effectively will benefit any person in every aspect of his or her life. It opens the door to clarity and understanding.

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