Deep Love Tarot Weekly Collective Forecast August 16-22 2nd Full Moon in Aquarius and Uranus Retro

Emotional Intelligence For Getting What You Want

Your emotional intelligence directs the course of your life. It creates your “luck” and it has the power to give you all, or to take it all away. The thoughts and feelings you focus on through your creative mind, are the commands which carry with them the power of change in your life. The good news is that you are in control, or rather, you can be if you want. Choose now to take responsibility for the thoughts and feelings of your life and you will have enabled the manifestation of your dreams!

Self-Reflection For Personal Growth

We all strive to advance, to improve ourselves. That is a big part of why we are on Earth. To advance and improve as individuals, and as a society, and species. There is a tool that I have started to use, and by using it, I am getting amazing results. This tool is self-reflection. I don’t mean just standing in front of a mirror and looking at yourself, I mean something much deeper than that. Let me explain.

Speed Limits Do Not Reflect Your Capacity

When looking at cars, we all know that speed limits do not really reflect the capacity of how fast our cars can go. They are simply the law of how fast we are allowed to drive without running the risk of getting a ticket. Most of us drive cars with a capacity far beyond what the speed limit is. The same is true in our lives and the same is true about us. Most of us have a capacity far beyond the speed limit that we have imposed on ourselves. Far beyond the speed limit we have put on our business and career. What happens when we look at our capacity? Start to understand what we can really do. Look at all the talent, ability and gifts God gave us?

Bridging the Gaps in Your Relationships: Balancing the Heart Chakra

Heart has its reasons, reasons that are unknown to us. Heart chakra the fourth chakra in our body helps us to determine those reasons. The comfort in sharing emotions is something which is difficult to deny.

How Are Those New Year’s Resolutions Going? If Not Well, Try a Different Kind of Resolution

Recently, I posted an article on the difficulties of making New Year’s resolutions in our “bad” habits and offered some suggestions as a psychologist. This article suggests if we failed in quitting smoking, weight loss, anger management, etc., etc., we might try working on some resolutions that are purely psychological and spiritual in nature.

Meditation and Its Benefits

When I was introduced to meditation a few years back it became a regular practice that I really enjoyed adding to my life. Talking to a friend about meditation recently I realized that I had somehow let this practice slide somewhat and hadn’t been doing much of it at all and that it was time to add it back into my daily life. Often our lives are so busy and full of other activities that it is easy to forget or overlook setting aside even 20-30 mins for our own nurturing.

The Reality Behind Living Core Values

It is a well-known fact that living our core values brings balance and fulfillment to our lives. This article will not debate this fact. On the contrary, this article will support this direction totally. Yet this article will draw the attention of the reader to the real challenge behind values.

Embracing the Abyss

Finding consciousness at the abyss can be pretty scary at first. But if you’re really interested in getting in touch with yourself on a personal level, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Sugar-Free Truth Can Be Healthy For You

In an effort to improve ourselves we must know our truth. We need to be able to accept constructive criticism or sugar-free truth to bring us back into balance.

Unconditional Love – Are You Getting All the Love You Want?

Are you searching for love but feel that you’re not getting what you want? Love empowers you. I’m not talking about the love that we sometimes pass off which says that I’ll love you because of what you can do for me and once you stop the love’s over.

Change Your Life – Are You Willing To Change Your Life? Here’s What to Do

Changing your life is more than just desire. Everybody wants to make a change in some area of their life, whether it is to lose weight, become more self-confident, improve your relationship or deepen your spirituality. But the real question is, “Are you willing to change?” There’s a difference between willingness and wanting to change your life.

How to Stop Feeling Stuck

Does the feeling of being stuck permeate your being? My theory on why we stay stuck and say, “I knew that would happen” is because that is what we expect to happen. I have heard people say “I take one step forward and something always brings me two steps backwards” if you have said that, you will be amazed at why I think you say that phrase, too. The ‘something’ is you, and you will see how to change this addictive behavior to move pass feeling stuck.

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