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Transform Visions To Dreams To Goals To Actions!

How often have you heard someone, or read something that emphasizes how essential one’s dreams or inner vision is to our overall personal growth and development? So many individuals spend much time focusing on their inner vision that they far too often do not proceed from that point in a personally or professionally useful or meaningful manner! While we certainly need to begin with a vision (or how can we possibly know what we want to accomplish or achieve), unless we transform those meaningfully into goals that have a personal significance or importance to use personally, they often lack actual…

How Are You Doing With Your New Year Resolution?

New Year Resolutions often prove difficult to achieve and we give up on them. Learn why that is so often the case, and what you can do to be successful with your New Year Resolutions and other Life Changing Goals you want to achieve.

Can International Travel Help You Master Change?

One way to view travel is to see it as a get away from the rat race. Another way is to see it as a catalyst for personal development. It’s an opportunity to develop yourself in ways your native environment cannot do. Travel is a brilliant way to develop new thinking and change management skills, which are valuable assets in career development. In this article, I talk about a 2 year journey of living abroad in unfamiliar environments and how it helped me become more effective in my career.

3 Things You Shouldn’t Take For Granted

As the new year begins, thoughts often turn to everything we want to change, make different or improve. I want to also challenge you to make sure you’re setting goals and focusing on what is right, what is going well and those areas of your life that you are happy about. As I have gone through life and observed others, their experiences, their successes, their failures, I’ve made a decision on a few things in life that I will always work on and not take for granted.

Codependency – Letting Go of The Narcissistic Parent

When you are raised by parents who cannot ‘see’ you–it makes you feel like you are an alien. Because the very beings who created you–are unable to love you in an unconditional way–it becomes difficult to find value in Self. Narcissistic parenting is one of the main causes of low self esteem, and we aren’t just talking about teenagers. Narcissistic parents scar children sometimes for life.

More Steps on Developing Your Personal Growth!

I gave some tips on how to develop your personal growth. Now I am going to give you some more steps on developing your personal growth. You can never have to many steps and or ideas to get the ball rolling with your personal development. Let’s begin.

The Healing Benefits of Journaling

Journaling has been shown to assist people through the healing process, clarify thoughts and strengthen your connection with a Power Greater than yourself. It’s very easy to get started!

Space Is An Illusion Too

Space and Time are both illusions in terms of Basic Reality. They exist in our perception because we are earth creatures. Yet perception is always coloured by the position in which we are standing.

How to Keep Your Resolve in New Year Resolutions

How can you meet the challenge of fulfilling your New Year Resolutions? This article proposes firstly that you determine the benefits you want to enjoy. Secondly, it proposes that you need to set specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and time-bound objectives. Thirdly, it proposes that you regularly evaluate, celebrate, and replan. Ultimately, the aim is to enjoy the freedom of the benefits you seek without becoming a slave to the regime intended to deliver them.

Do You Have Facebook Shame?

Happy New Year! I am honoured to be a part of your amazing journey for 2014! Together, let’s create more joy, more peace and more happiness! It all starts with you – making the decision and commitment to do it. To live and love life to the fullest!

The Wondrous Power Of Personal Development Books

How important in your life is what you choose to read? Plant the ‘garden of your mind’ with some exciting and uplifting seeds, then prepare to be amazed.

Managing Your Emotions for Maximum Vacation Fun

Do you want a vacation because it’s something you never had and it’s missing in your life? Or do you want it because you’re entitled to have one, like life owes me a trip? Or do you want it because it’s something society dictates you should have? Do you need it to rejuvenate and come back to life again?

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