Deep Love Tarot Weekly Astrology Romance June 7-13 2021: Solar Eclipse in Gemini, Mars in Leo

Journey Along a Highway

It was inevitable that I would get around to writing about “life is a highway,” given my not-so-infrequent references to the road less traveled as written in previous bulletins. I chose the title because of my sincere belief in life as a journey, analogous to a journey along a highway. I also begin with a quote by Charles Kuralt which pretty much sums up my feelings about the imbalance that exists in society or all around and along the highway we have created for ourselves today.

It Sure Is a Wonderful Life!

If a benevolent God is in control of our lives, then it is only reasonable to maintain a positive attitude in the face of the most discouraging circumstance. This will happen when you refuse to permit your emotions and attitudes to be controlled by people and events. The quality of your life can be disassociated from the circumstances of your life.

Why Foreign Missions?

Ever wonder about the basis for foreign missions? Here it is.

I’m Your Intuition – Are You Listening?

Many mothers have recalled circumstances like this when they have felt their children were in danger. My only explanation is God nudged me to pray. We do have this inner voice that leads us. He gave it to us. So…

Self-Discipline Through Exercise for Personal Development

If you’re trying to stick to an exercise routine, focus on your exercise as an opportunity to improve your ability to discipline yourself. Use the tips below for using your exercise routine as one way to incorporate self-discipline into your life and achieve positive personal development.

Self Improvement – Seeing The Truth

Change who you are by learning the truth about yourself. To change and improve who you are, first you have to discover where you in life you’re at. Then it’s time to create the you, you want.

Giving Back

As we move past the period where we have celebrated Thanksgiving and anticipate the upcoming holidays of Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, we often get into the mindset of gift giving. Over the last two years I have met several individuals in job search. Many of them are long time workers who – even though they were out of work before – did not realize how difficult being out of work in today’s economy is from what they experienced in the past.

Thanks for Being There For Me

Establishing a coaching practice as part of my life has exposed me to many new experiences in the last three years. There is the networking with fellow coaches locally, nationally and internationally in the coach federation of which I am a part. As a coaching practice is often conducted as a small or solo business, I’ve established friendships with a number of entrepreneurs in various businesses.

Crossroads: A Prelude to Transformation

  Is your Soul pushing you to take a leap? Don’t run and hide. Crossroads are a prelude to transformation.

Learning to Love Being Where You Hate Being

With only a few exceptions it is possible to develop in our journey with God from the position we despise to a position of love and appreciation for the same situation. The sceptic must be catered for, however. The sceptic will scoff. They will dismiss it out of hand. You may be the sceptic. But consider the advantages of doing something, quite impossible, through the power of God, to transform a seemingly impossible situation to your benefit. What is there to lose in trying?

You’re Not Alone

Adversity visits everyone at one time or another. It’s how you choose to deal with it that determines how you experience life.

Reach Your Personal Development Objectives By Utilizing Good Communication Skills

How would you like to use your personal development objectives to become a great communicator? Imagine the shock your family, friends and co-workers will feel when you suddenly turn into someone who actually listens and cares about what they are saying instead of making every conversation “all about you.”

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