Deep Love Tarot Weekly Astrology 5/24-30/21: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Sagittarius, Mercury Retrograde

Pay Attention

Attention is the most powerful tool you have for creating reality. Wherever you put your attention, reality happens. Use this power wisely as it can make or break your world.

See Beyond Your Doubt, Jealousy, and Fear

How are your Holidays progressing? As one gets older the Holidays seem to manifest bittersweet memories.

The Power of Being In the Moment

When you want to consciously create a life you love, it’s not enough just to go through the motions. It’s about looking at who you are and living, as best you can, in each wonderful moment.

I Got My Butt Kicked – And Remembered the Importance of My True Self

Nothing is so important as being consistently, authentically YOU. The true you – who you believe you were put on this earth to be – that is the person most worthy of your attention and love.

8 Easy Ways to Discover Your Strengths

Some people feel that they have no strengths. It is never the fact! The reality is that they do not realize their own strengths. Of course, there are experts who can help you in this journey of unknown. But why do you need any experts, when there are eight simple ways, through which anyone can discover one’s own strengths. Try them now!

Continuous Personal Development

A lot of people will complete a goal in their lives or they will come to a point where they believe that they are stable enough and they will do away with the personal development that they have put into their lives. I recommend that everyone should make self improvement a daily part of their life, and make it a habit that continuously keeps on going. By making a habit of having continuous personal development, you will definitely accomplish your goals plus do a lot more for yourself such as building self-esteem and really showing your confidence through the things that you are encountering.

Why Passion Matters

We hear and read a lot these days about passion, life purpose and personal essence. Although the words have become new-age nonsense to many, the truth is that connecting with your unique passion opens you peace, freedom and authentic living. Here is an overview of how we lost connection with passion, why it matters, and how to rekindle it.

Working for the Railroad: Give Your Best Effort

We have to take pride in whatever we do. If we try something half-heartedly or settle for good enough, we will never improve. No one can make you give your best effort; that is up to you.

Evolve Before You Must

Why do we so often wait act, when taking timely action would generally save us time, energy, resources, and a lot of stress? Why procrastinate when it is almost always far more productive to take timely action? How often do we have to get punished by lessened or diminishing returns before we realize that there is a far better chance of success when we act quickly and decisively, before we realize that it is much more productive to act?

How To Have A Happy Family, Good Health And More Wealth?

It’s an inherent urge of human beings to have a happy family, good health and more wealth. And, in this article you’re about to learn a simple secret which will enable you to have all these. But before I tell you that very secret let’s find the meaning of critical success factors.

Let Your Home Bring Inspiration

The dictionary definition for the word ‘inspire’ is “to fill with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence; to influence or impel; to guide or control by divine influence.” It is not typically a word that is associated with Feng Shui, but there is an area in your home that represents those who inspire you and whom you inspire.

How to Overcome Approach Anxiety – A Unique, But Effective Method

If you’re someone who suffers from consistent approach anxiety then there are a few things you should consider in order to break this feeling of nervousness or anxiety when you’re approaching or speaking with women. You have to understand that this feeling of approach anxiety you have when you’re about to approach a woman is something that’s most likely deep-rooted in your subconscious that is probably the result of a collection of different events that happened throughout your life. Whether it be a consistent experience of failure, a traumatic experience…

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