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Questions About Growing Up

Listed below are some questions that I often get asked about growing up and separating from your parents. I’m currently living at home, does this mean that I have to move out? No.

You Don’t Need Your Parents

You need to reach the conclusion that you don’t need your parents in life. It firstly has to occur at a psychological level and then you have to act with this awareness in mind.

Advice for Tomorrow You Can Use Today

There are three things that lead us to procrastinate. Read this for some strategies on how to overcome procrastination today – and tomorrow!

The Guy In The Sky: How The World Is Serving You, Even If You Don’t Notice

You go through your daily life, not completely aware of how you are being served on a continual basis. If you really want to experience a sense of gratitude, read this article. It’s a wake-up call…

Can Guardian Angels Teach Us Anything?

Disclaimer: Believing in guardian angels is by no means a prerequisite to learn about what the whole idea or notion of them can teach us. I have often written and referenced what I call the dimensions of self (intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual). I have stated that we give greater attention to our intellectual and physical self much more than to our emotional and spiritual self. In fact, the world we live in encourages it. Yet, we should know that all four dimensions of self are of equal importance, and they should all receive, as much as possible, the same weight or amount of attention.

What Does A Brainwave Entrainment Session Feel Like?

You’ve heard about brainwave entrainment I’m sure, but have you every wondered what a session feels like? Will you feel any physical or emotional sensations? Is it frightening or exhilarating? One effect that has been documented over and over again, is that it feels darn good.

Brainwave Entrainment Is A Natural Thing

Some may feel that brainwave entrainment is an unnatural manipulation of the brainwaves….that it might be making the brain do something that is against nature. Is listening to the rain fall abnormal? Maybe listening to the ticking of a clock is manipulating you? Brainwave entrainment just might be a natural thing too.

It Is Not What You Say, But HOW You Say It!

I am sure that you have heard that phrase before, right? It is so true and the reason is so simple. Example.

Respectful Manners!

Showing respect to the deserving has been crucial in any human society. Of particular interest here is the myriad ways and manners of demonstrating respect.

Overcoming a Fear and Growing Up

The process of separating from your parents and becoming your own person is probably one of the scariest things that you can do in life! There I said it. I believe a misconception exists within society – that separating from your parents is a really easy process, without “any sweat and tears”. It has always been this way and I don’t see why modern day society should be any different.

4 Ways To Make Personal Development Fun

Spending just a few minutes every day on something self-improvement related can pay off in many ways. I feel that a little effort in this area can pay off in the long run, and hope to show you the most effective and enjoyable ways to achieve maximum results with limited time.

What’s the Plan?

Would you ever take a taxi without having a specific destination in mind, in order to get off randomly somewhere you would consider…interesting? Or would you take along with you random passers and go…wherever they wanted to go? How is it then, that in the journey of our lives only 5% of the people of the earth have identified their destination, meaning their goals, their targets, their future life plan?

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