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How I Increase My Personal Energy With Simpleology

After six months of Simpleology I can honestly say that I have more energy than before. I don’t know how much more exactly, but I can get more things done in less time. And any physical exercise I perform is easier for me to do. This is an article about discipline and more personal energy. Two things I missed before I started with Simpleology.

How I Learned to Control My Habits With Simpleology

A habit can be a good thing when it helps you and a bad thing when it hurts you. I have learned to control my habits using the Habit Builder in the Simpleology program by Mark Joyner. And after six months I have the results to show for it. In this article I am not selling you anything or asking you to buy anything at all. I just wrote this article so you can read what I have learned and how I control my habits to help me.

Does Subliminal Messaging Actually Work?

Subliminal messaging results are known to be widely inconsistent, so can it really work? Can it really help you to change your life for the better? Find out (and stop missing out) in this simple article.

Gossipers Beware!

In an official environment or every day situations, people often talk about others and enjoy the gossip. They talk about others as if they have all the rights to do so. It all depends if you become part of the gossip or you remain indifferent to it. If you do not tackle such matters rightly then they can really spoil your image and peace of mind.

5 Things To Learn From Life!

Life teaches us in many ways, every hour and every minute of the day. We have to be open to the lessons life is trying to teach us. Life comes with unpredictable cycles of ups and downs. It teaches us through circumstances, people, friends, events, books, movies or incidents that can change our life for better or worst. Even a 5 year old can teach us a great lesson. This helps us find our life’s purpose. We set higher values in order to do better and not to repeat the same patterns in life.

Anger Rising

Anger is a feeling that is or has been a challenge for most of us to accept and express in healthy ways. Collectively, we receive a multitude of messages about anger being ‘bad’ or ‘negative’ or ‘wrong’. The reality is that we all know that acting out anger can cause problems in our relationships. We’ve been the recipient of anger that has left us feeling bruised metaphorically (and, for some, literally), and/or we’ve been the one who has expressed anger in a persecuting way and watched a relationship dissolve because of it.

Top Spiritual Authors – Know Thyself!

Many of spiritual leaders have often stated that they are merely vehicles to spread the truth of the Creator who is the true and only teacher. The Source of all is known throughout all cultures and religions by different names such as God, Brahman, Paramatman, Yahweh, Allah and so forth. Yet there are those spiritual figures that seem to most highly embody and exemplify this Light.

Negativity – 6 Well Known People That Overcame It and Then Some

Many people allow other peoples words and comments to affect what they do in their lives. No matter who you meet, you will always find somebody that does you not to do something or that you can’t do it. Unfortunately, many of these people come as close friends and family members.

Integrity – A Story From the Top

You should never compromise your integrity for anything in this lifetime. No amount of money or fame should even allow you to do this. Once you lose your integrity, getting it back is very difficult, if not impossible. Learning high values and proper ethical behavior should be number one on your list no matter what you are doing in life. If its business, family, or hobby related, you should always perform to the highest level of integrity.

Confidence Is The Fuel That Propels You Towards Personal Development

When you talk of personal development, you must remember that you can not achieve it without having confidence. Confidence is the fuel that drives you to achieve your goals. In fact, without confidence, your life will come to a standstill. Just as you do physical exercises to develop your strength, you can train your mind mentally to develop confidence. By developing this confidence and self-reliance, you will be able to develop your personality.

Conscious Change – How To Navigate Through Life More Skillfully

You are constantly changing. Until more recent times inner change occurred without much conscious awareness. Now many people are awakening and with this comes a new POWER, the power to change consciously, with your intention. In this article you will learn four empowering tools to help you navigate through change more consciously.

Your Annual Exam – A Checkup With Your Doctor, Your Life, and Yourself

Everyone has heard of going for an annual or a routine checkup with your doctor. There is another checkup that many people should add to their list. This is a checkup of yourself in all areas of your life. This is as important, if not more important than your annual checkup with your doctor. This will a you know where you are in all areas of your life and what you need to do in order to correct and make changes accordingly to areas that need fixing.

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