Deep Astrology and Spiritual Dance Music October 6-October 12 2021: New Moon in Libra

Your Attitude

If something is not going right in your life – ask yourself, “how is my attitude”. Are you letting this stop you from getting what you really want in life?

Do Your Sand Bags Which Hold You Back Have a Name?

In order to rise in a hot air balloon, we need to release the sand bags which hold you back. What is holding you back?

75 Affirmations on Personal Development

Introduction Neurons that fire together wire together. So the more we practice having thoughts or beliefs that benefit our well-being, the more naturally those thoughts and beliefs will play themselves out in our everyday life. Affirmations are one way to develop new beliefs that can eventually become second-nature.

Shame – The Hidden Time Bomb?

Shame is the four-letter word of five-letter words. It’s private and it’s personal. Whereas you feel guilty for something that is done, you feel shame for who and/or what you are. It not only affects your psyche, but it brings with it physical issues as well.

Break Bad Habits – 5 Action Steps to Break a Bad Habit

Every bad habit can be broken no matter how long you’ve been doing it. Whether it’s a mental, physical or emotional habit you can break free to create habits that are more beneficial in your life. Using the following practical action steps can help you get closer to breaking the habit – the answers inside this article.

4th of July Independence Day, The Quest for Freedom and Being Trapped in One’s Inner Prison

Many believe that they have the freedom to make decisions regarding their life and relationships. But they are often unaware that they are being trapped in their own inner-prison which prevents them from making free and conscious choices. When they release themselves from their inner-prison they can actualize themselves and succeed in their life and relationships.

Take Control of Your Life Through Making Clear, Conscious Decisions

One of the great features about being human is that we have the ability to make our own decisions. Decisions that we make in our lives are powerful. Decisions can make our lives beautiful, or they can destroy our lives. One thing is for certain; no matter what type of decisions we choose to make, we are constantly making thousands of decisions every day, most of time without realizing it. We make decisions that impact the rest of our lives, and we also make decisions that impact our day.

Building Self Confidence in Adults – How to Change Your Reactions From Fear to Confidence

Building self confidence in adults can be difficult, because your personality and thinking patterns are already established. But there is a possibility to “rewire” your brain, so it will stop putting you in a state of fear in special situations. It is a process you can begin right now. Read here how to do it.

No One Appreciates Me

Do you frequently feel that you do so much for others, yet end up feeling unappreciated by others? Learn to appreciate yourself, first. Others will follow.

More Than We Know

News from all over the world is shown on television and the Internet all day long. We can’t possibly listen to it all. There are things going on all over the world we will never hear about. There are people who are making changes in the world, good and bad, and we may never hear about them.

How to Know What Information to Absorb and What to Ignore

There is so much information out there when it comes to the area of self-development. Some of it will be information which is familiar to you and already natural to you. In that case, you can use the information to reaffirm your current beliefs and behavior. There is no difficulty with this type of information. It is comforting and reassuring. The challenge begins when you read something which feels uncomfortable, confronting, or unnatural for you.

Those Beautiful Difficult Adolescent Years

Some experts write that adolescent is the process of developing from a child into an adult… the period of time referred to as puberty… the developing period between childhood and adulthood. Many agree that this can be anywhere between 11 years old and 18 years old and this is often referred to as the teenage period. Studies have shown that its not unusual for girls to begin and end puberty a year or so before boys.

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