Declutter Your Mind INSTANTLY | 11 Minute Guided Meditation [INSTANT ZEN!]

From Dreadful to Delightful: Valentine’s Day for Singles

Don’t have someone special in your life at the moment? Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be something to dread. Here are some great tips to make this “couples” holiday a great one for singles.

Dance Like No One’s Watching

“What the hell; you are what you are, and self honesty occupies a definite and vital part in the ever-growing process to become a real human being and not a plastic one.” ~Bruce Lee Who knew that Bruce Lee was such a wise yogi? I didn’t!

Dream Guidance: How to Remember More of Your Dreams and Figure Out What They Mean

Although we dream every night, and sometimes we remember them, understanding what they mean is not always easy. When we are able to make sense of them, they can be a rich source of guidance and encouragement. This article will give you techniques for remembering more of your dreams and figuring out what they mean.

What Label Are You Wearing?

How do people describe you? Are you bright, smart, funny, witty? Or are you more of the analytical, quiet, type? Maybe even a workaholic? How are these labels helping – or hindering – your development?

How to Eliminate Bad Karma

… just because we have forgotten a particular issue does not mean that we have forgiven and let go. It simply means that your conscious mind has pushed the unpleasant experience to the subconscious level of awareness in order to live more at peace in the now moments. However, the emotions and the incident is stored and imprinted in every cell of your being, requiring only some sort of trigger to awaken it once again.

How to Become a Fast Track Employee

The conventional advice for successful employment and career advice has always been to work hard and abide to the rules set by common office politics. This is surely time consuming while the results are not guaranteed and potentially leading to a great deal of disappointment. In this article, I will teach you how to get on the fast track for promotion and salary increase.

Useful Tips About How To Get Women

When it comes to the world of dating, it seems that nowadays men became more and more rooted by their day-by-day jobs, by the “society rush” and they are out of touch with what women want. For sure men need to have a closer look into the matter of women needs and how to read those needs.

5 Steps to Selling Your Most Important Asset – YOU!

This 5 step ‘sales’ approach will increase the prospect that a prospective employer will ‘buy’ the ‘product’ you are ‘selling’. YOU!

Give Freely – Find Meaning – Become Unstoppable

  It is not too difficult to look around your world and see that people, who give freely, receive copious amounts of whatever they give, back in return. People, who enjoy the most love in their lives, are the people who give their love freely to all the people around them. The people I have observed around me, who have the closest friends, are the most friendly themselves and they are always giving friendship, love and caring to their friends.

Color Categories – The Keys to Color

Not every color is created equally when you are considering your visual appearance and image. Whether you are planning an update to your business wardrobe, choosing an investment piece for your evening attire, or just planning a weekend trip away, understanding the categories of color and how they affect your wardrobe planning and your visual image is important to help you develop maximum positive appeal.

Improving Self

It is futile trying to be a leader without changing or improving who you are. The best way to exude leadership skills is by being one before you are promoted for leadership.

Lions, Monkeys, Koalas and Owls

What do the job seeker who is having an interview and a person who runs a business and has a product or service to offer have in common? They are both attempting to influence the person with whom they have come in contact that they are the right person to provide them what they are seeking. For the job seeker, the product being offered is the “interviewee themselves” and their skill set to do the job.

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