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Are You Seeing Clearly? (Or See With Your Heart)

“It’s only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is most important is invisible to the eye.” (Antoine de Saint Exupery) The recent blockbuster movie Avatar focused on this message, with the phrase ‘I see you’ as a way of acknowledging the beauty and greatness in another. This is similar to the saying ‘Namaste’ which means “the divine in me acknowledges and honors the divine in you”. What all of this is saying is that it is not possible to rely solely on our eyes for our vision. Our clearest vision comes from what our heart senses about another, not from what our eyes see (after all, the eyes are seeing the external packaging, while the heart will sense the other person on a much deeper level).

Emotions: The Fullness of Your Experience

“You can feel bad if it makes you feel better.” (lyrics from a country song) In an earlier article I talked about how emotions can be indicators of something that needs to be dealt with. But in some cases, emotions are not indicating something that needs to be addressed, but rather are highlighting an experience that you’re having and are fully present to.

Are You Playing Small?

Do you allow yourself to really shine? Or do you shrink from the opportunity? I’m not talking about self-aggrandizement or self-promotion…I’m talking about allowing your authentic inner self (strengths, talents, skills) to radiate out from you, to touch the lives of others, to be expressed fully, and to ripple out into the world.

Famous Women in History

Women didn’t leave their kitchens during World War II. They added another shift to their busy days stepping up to the plate to help in the war effort and to keep the home fires burning. What did they get in return for this contribution? After the war they were asked to go back to the kitchen and then got an honorable mention in the history books.

Prepare Yourself

“If we can prepare ourselves so that we never have to think, ‘Oh, if I had only known, if I had only been ready,’ our lives can really be the great adventure we so passionately want them to be.” (Hortense Odlum) If you were to get ready for a grand adventure (and you couldn’t know what it was going to be), what would you do now to prepare yourself? What mundane tasks would you forget about accomplishing? What important things would you be certain to do? More importantly, what mindset/attitude would you be sure to have? What tools and resources would you have in your “life tool kit”?

Enlightenment Is Mastering Yourself

“Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment.” (Lao Tzu) Over the many years that I’ve been reading and learning about how to see people, life, and situations differently, one of the ‘aha’ moments that really stood out for me involved ‘spiritual people’. For some reason, my mind assumed that if someone was psychic (ie had psychic abilities) or was spiritual (ie attended spiritual events, spoke the language, meditated, etc.), that they would also be mature psychologically. I don’t know why I made this assumption, but when it shattered, I was caught off guard.

Creating Health, Wealth and Happiness

There is one thing that we all do everyday, on a regular basis, that God said would create health, wealth, and happiness in our lives, on a regular basis. Most of us start doing it as soon as we get up in the morning and continue doing all day long. To create health, wealth and happiness you are not going to have to change anything, you will simply need…

The Blame Game

Determining fault or blame when a mistake has been made is quite normal as well as reasonable. However, when every error ignites the blame game then relationships suffer. For it always results in a winner or a loser and no one likes to be a loser. This happens in family life as well in the political process and can be quite dangerous to personal and public life.

Good Reason for Recharging Your Life

The best reason for Recharging your Life comes from Oliver Wendell Holmes, one of our eminent Supreme Court Justices. He said “Most people go to their graves with their music still inside them.” Are you keeping your music inside? This article gives suggestions for how to take action to bring forth your specialness.

The Main Functions Of The Subconscious Mind And Its Effects On The Conscious Mind

The subconscious mind controls our mind, our biology and our life. As it carries out all routine activities the conscious mind is free for creative thinking. The capacity of the subconscious mind is enormous, but it can’t think, it is programmed by the conscious mind and can only do for what it is programmed.

You Choose Your Life, Or Do You?

Choosing life is also about choosing what will make us happy. And if there are factors that block our chosen path, we can always choose to take it astride.

Power To The Busker

For those of us whose music has taken them to the streets rather than the recording studio, it can seem like that long awaited break is quickly evading our grasp. However, defeatism and self-pity will get you nowhere. By remaining confident, and doing everything you can to get the most out of your busking activity, you give yourself a better chance of getting noticed, and at least you’ll make a few quid at the end of the day.

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