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Do You Have Entrepreneurial Control Issues?

I’m having control issues. As an entrepreneur and the only full-time person in my business, I have gotten used to being in control of what happens. If I’m completely honest, it’s one of the things I love about working for myself. I get to be in control! Can you relate?

Light Bulb Moments Guaranteed To Change Your Life

2016, age 47. Single and alone, with little job satisfaction and limited “JOIE DE VIVRE”, I came to the long-overdue realisation, I was not living the life I had always aspired to. Lightbulb moment: I took a long hard look at myself and recalled the words from Jim Rohn, “In order for things to change, YOU NEED TO CHANGE.

Why Resilience Is Important in Relationship Building

As business owners we need to learn to be tough on the inside, to have ‘stickability’ and not fold when things get hard. We will meet all types of people so we need to be able to communicate from where they are to develop a successful relationship for the future, if we want to do so. Learning to cope when life throws us a curveball is not always easy. Sometimes it takes experience and courage to be able to stand tall and shrug off what sometimes can hurt us deeply. Learning to stand up for oneself in business can be difficult. Being resilient shows people around us how we deal with adversity. It will give a very big picture of us as an individual to those who are wondering how we cope with difficult times. In business partnerships this is a very important factor when choosing someone to work with closely.

The Noticing Game

In this Whisper I am going to share something very powerful that I think you will really like and be able to FEEL the effects immediately. This is one of the last things my mentor taught me before he passed last summer here in Washington USA. If you’re like me you may have tried meditation at some point in life and found it was difficult to do.


Only believing something is weakness. KNOWING something with FEELING is true power.

Who Are We?

“Who are we?” is a question that bewilders many of us. Here we are on planet Earth; a vast and diverse place yet small and simple in proportion to the Universe. From our human perspective, our world seems dualistic with many opposites, mismatches, and comparatives. But if we explore more deeply, there exists unity, synchronicity, and continuity…

10 Ways to Live a Balanced Lifestyle

As busy, work-oriented people, we often depreciate the essential role that balance plays in living a successful and constructive life. Many of us, often without any real awareness, tend to overvalue the aspects of our lives that cause us the most stress. This in turn forces us to pay less attention to the things that bring us the most joy. When we lose the balance of work and play, we reduce not only our productivity, but our happiness as well. The following will introduce ten methods you can implement to bring balance and moderation into your daily life.

How to Grow With Compassion

Have you ever visualized yourself growing with compassion? Now what actually makes it happen? Any ideas flow to you? Look inside for insights.

He Who Can Endure The Worst Can Withstand Anything in Life

The benefits often outweigh the suffering. Never concentrate on the pain, focus on the reward.Our reaction to any circumstance will determine the outcome because life tests us to see our level of endurance.

6 Tips For Insane Productivity And Laser Focus

In today’s high demand, high stress world it is easy for many of us to get bogged down in the overwhelming amount of responsibilities we face. These six proven methods will help you to increase the effectiveness of your work, so you can minimize effort while increasing your overall productivity.

The Benefits of Morning Rituals

How we begin our mornings has an incredible domino effect that progresses throughout the rest of the day. Developing a healthy and productive morning routine can have invaluable short and long-term benefits that improve our quality of life.

Manifesting Courage

When real threats occur are you really capable of mainfesting the courage to step up and defend your loved ones. Not everyone has the ability to do so even though they may think they do. Learn what you can do to ensure that you are that courages person you want to be.

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