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Personal Growth Tools – How to Prevent Continuing Unhappiness

Personality and personal growth tools represent such uniquely amazing resources, and you can use them as you see fit to mold, shape, adjust, and balance inequalities or inconsistencies in your life. You can also use them to control outcomes in a very positive way. Read further to grasp the missing keys to brighter self-esteem, contentment and happiness.

Step Up to Your Potential

Most of us do not come anywhere near using our full potential. We live our whole lives doing what we do because we do not see anything more compelling to do. Many of us do not even really know what we want. We chase after what we think we want that will make us money but it is not necessarily what will bring us fulfillment and joy.

Got Patience?

Patience, something that has taken me a long time to acquire even just a little bit of, and pray everyday to be blessed with even more! Raising up 4 kids offers plenty of reasons to pull your hair out! Constant screaming, crying, and attitudes really adds value to the importance of developing patience.

Keys to Dealing With Criticism

Criticism can be hard to take. Whenever anyone says, “Can I give you a little feedback?” a red flag usually goes up and you get a knot in your stomach. It seems like it really means that you are doing something wrong and the person wants to tell you about it in no uncertain terms. How can you listen to criticism without getting your defenses up? Here are just a few of the things you can try to help yourself be more accepting and to cut down on the effects of sometimes hurtful comments.

Dream Image Work in Groups – A Definition

Much unplumbed creativity is contained in the unconscious. By freeing our dreams from the inscrutable prison of our ego’s perspective, we realize more creative power through the healing faculty of imagination. Dutch Jungian Analyst, Robert Bosnak, author of the Shambhala Press classic, A Little Course in Dreams, has developed “Embodied Dreaming,” a technique for working with dreams imaginatively in groups.

Education, Learning From Life

When most people think of education they think of school and university. Our real education comes from life and it is a continual education. We learn through all of our senses, actions, emotions and thoughts. As small children we learn that walking into walls is not a good idea, the wall is hard and it hurts.

Courage and How it Works in Your Life

How many here wish they had more courage? If you could just do what you knew you should do, how much better would your life be?

Quit Playing the Blame Game – Getting Yourself Out of Victim Mode

How do you feel about the word Blame? Does it get a visceral reaction out of you?

Top 3 Methods for Effectual Communication

When you want to communicate with new people, it is very essential that you do things properly. If you don’t, the consequences can certainly be devastating. You might wind up causing the people to dislike you, or possibly not conveying your true personality. Adhere to these 3 recommendations to obtain superior outcomes.

Do You Talk Too Much?

Do you know anyone who never stops talking? People who won’t shut up? Are you a Chatty Cathy or Babbling Bob?

Say No to Greed

How to tolerate greed? We must understand what real wealth is and strive for it.

Self-Confidence Building by Just Being Yourself

Self-confidence is probably one of the biggest factors in what makes people successful. Self confident people are able to do more with less than the average person, primarily because they believe they can. A high self-esteem contributes to self confidence. Knowing yourself, controlling yourself, and giving of yourself can be key in improving your self-confidence.

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