Creating Space for Love Guided Meditation

Mastering the Elephant

Have you heard about the analogy of the elephant and the rider? It’s a brilliant way to help us understand why we sometimes behave in ways that are in direct opposition to the way we want to behave. And the good news is that there are some simple techniques we can use to ‘take charge’!

There’s a SCIENCE to This?

Right now I feel so energized and inspired. Just yesterday I felt tired, frustrated, and “stuck” in the mud of my current situation and circumstances. Actually, I still felt this way just this morning!

Do You Suffer From ‘Grudgetitus’?

You know the scenario; somebody swears at you, insults you, steals from you, says something bad about you behind your back or they do something even worse and you feel offended. You decide that this is a ‘bad person’ and they deserve all they get. You are hurt and you want revenge or retribution and you can’t forgive them for what they have done. You hold a grudge and can’t let it go. Is there anything you can do?

Attempting to Be Your Own Boss Could Be a Wise Idea

When filling out a job application, or becoming involved with something that involves you financially, you might find part of the deal which mentions that they could fire you, or stop an association, at any time for no given reason. It is extremely careful to take special note of this part. There is no telling the possible reasons a person can lose his position.

To Act Or Not to Act? – That is the Question

You may know what to do to make changes in your life. But unless you take action don’t expect anything to change except your age.

Thoughts of Power

Today, in my workbook practice of A Course in Miracles, lesson 281 resonated to the core of my being with an astounding feeling of truth. Lesson 281 states “I can be hurt by nothing but my thoughts.” As the sentence finished the whirling sense of truth began to fill my mind.

Best Money Making Opportunities on the Internet – Small, Negative Thinking Into Big, Positive Result

Money making opportunities on the Internet, especially to make money fast, seem to be everywhere you search. But, what is the best money making opportunities on the Internet?

What’s Keeping You From Your Full Potential?

Potential is an elusive thing. Even with hard work, determination and a little luck we often fall short of the mark of our full potential. Here are six steps to discover your potential and live up to it.

Blooming at Midlife – How the Recession Can Help You Bloom

No one can control or predict the future. However, we can influence the current of events by what we believe and by what choices flow from those beliefs. Learn the principles that can help you flourish.

Identify Four Misbeliefs You Need to Change to Detach From False Guilt – Christian Codependency

To overcome your Christian codependency, identify the four common misbeliefs you need to change to detach from false guilt. Start with identifying them and then choosing to detach until the false guilt goes away. God’s truth is greater than the false condemnation you feel.

Emotional Intelligence – Wow!

Success requires logic and reason and emotional intelligence. What we believe is that the ratio is 90% logic and maybe 10% feelings. The facts: 80% emotion and 20% logic. Winners change with new knowledge.

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Some of the old cliches seem just that, but The Truth Shall Set You Free is as true today as it was the first day someone conjured it up. To walk in your truth, you are free from the entanglements of insecurity and angst. To understand this, one must be walking your talk and not be ruled by pride, insecurity and fear. To be in ones own integrity of “real” is a spiritual practice that lends itself to being truly alive, wise, and owning ones divine depth of self.

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