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What Is the ROI on Life’s Activities?

Every thing we do has a return on investment. What you do in your free time, how you spend your money and the food we eat. We should look at the activities to see how this is effecting our health, wealth and happiness. If it is not making a positive impact then we should think about doing something else

What Does Your Intuition Say?

Your intuition is your inner voice, your own North Star. It’s there. But you need to be willing to listen for it. You need to be still (and patient) to hear it. Here are three exercises to help you tap into your intuition.

Showing Gratitude – Ways to Show Others You Appreciate Them

This won’t be one of those long, never-ending articles on the ‘Attitude of Gratitude’. This is simply an attempt to show you, how far a little bit of gratitude can take you. So do bear with me till the end. You will surely find something to be thankful for. This happened about 2 years ago.

How Ventilating Yourself In Effective Ways Can Be Good For You

Have you ever felt overwhelm, stress and disappointment enveloping you, bogging you down to low spirits, unable to think clearly and focus on any matter around you? Fear not because there is still hope. You just need at first a tiny effort to think you are valued and worthy. From that point on, start trying to find infinite worth in yourself, and the next step would be to take one more smart move to ventilate yourself. In order to learn more, look inside.

If Your Heart’s Not In It

What single trait fuels a child that rivets a nation to their talent, an athlete to rush past all boundaries, a war to be won against all odds, or even a single glance we witness between two people that becomes unforgettable… legendary? Their heart’s in it; when the heart is engaged, the fuel of the life force is operating at a capacity we can’t fully understand. Impossible no longer exists; we can all really soar when our heart is engaged.

Wisdom and Some of Its Components

Wisdom is a prerequisite to a successful life. It consists of a number of areas and requires our willingness to develop and grow our wisdom in those areas.

5 Tips to Surrounding Yourself With the Right Company

You are the company you keep. How do you know your surrounding yourself with the leaders, thinkers, doer’s and goal setters? The key to success is surrounding yourself with these people.

A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Pollute

In our American society, we seem quite concerned about pollution, at least as far as the environment is concerned. We do not seem as concerned about mental pollution. This article will help you think through issues on the subject. Thinking through the issues should equip us to make choices that will serve to protect our minds in what can be a mentally toxic environment.

What Are You Passionate About?

What gets your juices running when you think about doing it? Are you a 50+ woman that is working a 8-5 job and think this is it – this is my life? God has more for you than just working on the chain gang. Come along with me and start seeing yourself with a vision and a purpose.

Focusing On The Top Habits Of Mentally Strong People

One of the most compelling and important things that you work towards in life is mental strength. When you’re mentally strong, you can take on the world and not be shaken. If you’re interested in getting a place where you’re absolutely strong mentally, then focus on the habits of those that exhibit that trait. With that in mind, consider the following habits that are proven to help get you to a top level overall.

How to Plan and Improve Your Life

Strategic plans can be used in business and in one’s personal life. Writing and using a strategic plan for your life can help you be more successful and have a better life.

Manners Matter One

I had a rude neighbor. He owned a motorcycle and loved to work on it in his garage. He would rev the engine as he tuned it then let it idle loudly for hours. Every time he came in or out of his driveway he would roar the noisy machine as loudly as possible with no regard for his neighbors.

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