Connect With Your Spirit Guided While You Sleep (Guided Meditation)

The Cycle of Action And Why Ex’s Do Not Leave

Why do people leave a relationship or group and then hang around and snipe at it? Here is the answer. It is really just a natural cycle.

Fall – A Time For Gratitude

Isn’t it appropriate that we begin the holiday season with a period of giving thanks? Of course, in the beginning it was for the bounty of the summer’s crops that would sustain people through the cold and harsh winter. Now we only stop our busy lives formally for Thanksgiving to think about being grateful for all that we have been given. What would it be like if you spend a moment each day giving thanks for all that you have? What difference would it make in the whole holiday season? For me, it casts a whole different light on things.

Get Unstuck From Difficult People

Do you find that you encounter difficult people in various places you go? Are there some at work? At church and in clubs? In the bleachers at sports events? It seems everywhere you go there is someone being difficult. It is easy to jump to conclusions about people. I always ask myself in these situations, “What am I bringing to this situation? Am I doing something that encourages or allows a person to act difficult? What role am I playing in this? What beliefs do I have about this that might need to soften or change?” Sometimes that puts things in better perspective. Sometimes it causes me to change my behavior. Sometimes it makes no difference at all but at least I have had the chance to check to see that I am not encouraging or adding anything to the difficulties. Let’s say the person really is being difficult. There are people like that and they come is all sizes and shapes.

Is Knowing What You Know Worth Anything Today?

How is Knowing what you know by the way of experience worth anything today, when anyone can read the shorthand version and put it out there as if they own it? Most seekers will undoubtedly never have the real sweat and tears version,the version that spells out with emotion the process dirty hands and all. The cuts and bruises suffered along the way, the scraped knees of trial and error are the high prices paid for the knowing a story could tell yet don’t translate well enough to matter.

Take Your Life Off Auto-Pilot – 3 Steps To Transforming Your Day

Have you ever been driving somewhere, made it to your destination, and had absolutely no idea how you got there? How often does that happen with your entire day? You may sit down at the end of a day and wonder what the happened all day! So many of us go through each day without paying attention to what is happening around us, and for that matter, to us. Learn 3 simple steps to learn how to take your life off of auto pilot.

Do You Let Your Emotional Reactions Take You Over, Or Can You Stop Them in Their Tracks?

Are you able to contain your emotions, so that you learn to harness your emotion beneficially instead of venting it destructively?The fifth chapter of the story of the Little Prince focuses our attention on how insidious an unintegrated emotional charge left over from childhood can be-how devastating it can be for our daily life if we don’t contain it.

Contact With Impact!

If you want to get a bang out of life, you must contact with an impact! Life is be lived with energy that affects others positively as you live it with gusto. Do want to be known as an impact player or one who sits on the sidelines. Get in the game, and do your thing!

How We Can Avoid World Disasters

There is no reason why we should not live in harmony and peace with each other. This earth of ours is a fruitful, abundant and beautiful place and there is more than enough to go around if methods for resource distribution were to change. However I passionately believe that things can change and must if this planet is not to self-destruct. We can make this world an infinitely better place to live in if we only change our attitude to life and to each other

Beauty That Lasts A Lifetime

What is on your mind when you are reading the poem When You Are Old by William Butler Yeats? If you happen to be a lady, you must have much deeper feeling towards these lines.

Self Improvement Tips to Change Your Life

In order to develop personal mastery you have to learn to listen to yourself and maintain a balance life. You also have to know your strength and weaknesses and develop your skills. Self-improvement does not happen as an accident or overnight. You require discipline and the willingness to invest in seminars, coaching, books, counseling or attend courses. Self improvement requires that you let go of reactive attitudes like resentment, complain, blame and wishful thinking. You also have to understand that your life is based on your own choices and not from anybody else. You have to learn to take responsibility for what had happened in your life and start to change how you think, feel and behave.

Why Failure Helps

You see that word “failure” and already you think of negative things – it’s that kind of word. It’s like any ugly word in our vocabulary but failure can have positive aspects to its character. Look at how much power just reading the word has over your first impression of what’s to follow.

Hypnosis For A Better Life

When I was a kid I was very shy. So I read lots of books on how to be more confident. None of them worked. Things changed, however, when I found a book on hypnosis.

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