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Overcoming Anxiety: How to Be Interesting

Wanna spice up your life? Check out this guide on how to become a more interesting person.

Spirit: Do You Have The Blues

Have you been feeling like there is something in the air… a kinda weird, uncomfortable, restless type of feeling… like an itch? I don’t know about you, but if you are like many of the people I talk to… YOU just can’t get your MoJo going!

Believe the Road Beneath You

You are where you are because you thought the thoughts you thought, took the actions you took, and expected the outcome that you did. Are you happy where you are?

Follow the Habits of Millionaires

What are the habits of millionaires? After reading several books and taking the time to listen to a variety of millionaires on audio, there are several good habits to adopt into a life style that would lead in generating a good steady flow of income.

Take Responsibility for Your Personality Development

This is all in your hands to make your personality development a high standard in your life. We tend to consider our personal growth as something someone else is responsible for. Oh no, it is far from truth.

Media And Our Lost Children

Children are not growing up faster, it still takes exactly the same amount of days to reach the age of ten as it did when I was growing up. It is the laziness of parents who decide they are too busy ‘living’ to protect their children’s innocence.

Face Your Fears!

Tips for facing your fears. Strategies for helping you to overcome fears.

How to Achieve Goals: The Powerful Secrets From a Life Coach

Setting goals is monumental to achieving success in every aspect of your life. In order to achieve goals the first step is to set proper goals. Make sure you are not setting yourself up for failure by doing this first step incorrectly. Here are a couple of tips to making sure you are on your way to success

Find A Cure For “Would Have/Could Have” Syndrome

This article discusses “Would Have/Could Have” Syndrome (WHCHS), a particularly insidious form of procrastination. We all have our “wants,” things that we would like to do or accomplish. However, for many people these “wants” never get translated into things that they have accomplished, skills that they have learned, or experiences that they have had. As they enter retirement, most people have their plans about all of the new and exciting things that they are going to do. However, inactivity and a life in front of a TV set can easily become the reality if you don’t actively take steps to avoid it. This article discusses how easy it is to fall into the WHCHS trap and provides some practical advice on how to avoid it.

Start Saying Yes!

Often, I am approached by people who see my life changing, and they tell me that they feel lost in the everyday grind. The first thing I tell them is it can all turn around for them – if they choose to believe it can. Second, I tell them to start looking at opportunities in their life where they can start saying yes!

It Pays To Be Good To Yourself

Being good to yourself is your responsibility. It’s easy to become complacent and let the health or your body, mind, and spirit deteriorate. Decide at this very moment that you will not fall into that trap.

The Truth About Fear

Fear can stop us in our tracks if we’ll let it. Learn how to move past it and toward the life you want to live.

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