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Unconditional Love – 3 Action Steps to Let Down Your Defence Walls to Let in Unconditional Love

If you want to experience the healing power of Unconditional Love in your life, letting down your defence walls will help you. No matter what others have done to you, if you allow these hurts to keep you bound you would have committed the worst offense to yourself.

How to Deal With Inner Demons Keeping You From Growth

When you are trying to figure out how to deal with inner demons keeping you from growth you have to first see and realize that these inner demons are a combination of the negative energy in your life as well as your past experiences that have been infecting your mind. These are the things that are keeping you from your growth. For some of us these are in the form of things that we have done that we are not proud of or things that have been done to us.

Unconditional Love – How to Open Your Heart to Unconditional Love

Have you closed your heart, afraid to let anyone in because you’ve been rejected, betrayed, let down by those you love and trust? The wall you now put up to protect yourself may very well be the wall that’s keeping you from experiencing Unconditional Love. How do you open your heart to Love’s embrace so you can allow the healing process to begin?

Self Development Plan – Steps To Becoming The Perfect You

The road to happiness can sometimes be seen upon as being impossible and Self improvement is no small feat either, but it can be done. By adopting a suitable self development plan it will no doubt eventually lead us to that much sought after happiness.

We Should Talk

Have you ever heard someone tell you; “we should talk” – and have you noticed “when” people are most likely to say this to you? They usually say it when you have something in common, but are limited on time, or when one of you has something intriguing to tell the other, but at the present this is no time or place to do that. Anyway, I got to thinking about that the other day, as I was considering that in retirement I am running a think tank which operates online.

The Opposite of Personal Growth – Socialism is Keeping Other Humans as Pets

Not more than a couple of days ago, I had a road runner come up to my sliding glass window as I was writing an article. I have named the bird Henry, and he now comes up every day and taps on my window. What does it want you ask – it wants free food, I have inadvertently turned Henry into a socialist, which got me to thinking – we are doing the same thing with our own population and we are allowing our society and civilization to slip into a socioeconomic format embodied in socialism.

Declarations You Blurt Out-Loud About Yourself, Represent a False Picture of Who You Really Are

Those who constantly declare out-loud that they are loving, intelligent, helping, happy, considerate, understanding, and so on, are often NOT what they state. There is often a gap between the person and his/her declaration. The question is: what prompts them to voice these declarations?

Why Personal Appearances Are Only Half the Game

Who’s the real beauty? What’s ugly? Today society speaks of beauty as goodness, while ugliness is deemed as being unkind and beastly selfish.

How to Really Create Real Change (Hint: Not With Positive Thinking)

Much has been said about using positive thinking, affirmation and visualisation to create the changes you want to see in your life. Indeed, it’s an industry all of its own with the movies, cards and action figures to match. I doubt whether this philosophy could have grabbed human consciousness so powerfully if it had no truth to it at all, but here are the reasons why positive thinking on its own isn’t enough to bring real, sustainable change to your life.

Use Your Brain More Often

A great way of strengthening your mental faculties is by using your brain more often. There are plenty of activities, games and other cranial calisthenics that are helpful in upholding the smooth functioning of the brain.

For Good Workers: Generosity

It is sad to hear from some people who works well, that they aren’t paid justly. Still there are others who could not get approved reimbursements, and refund paid contributions. Some private entities (big or small) aren’t giving what is due to Caesar.

How Are You Contributing to Your Love Banks?

Your love bank is similar to your bank account for money. When you put money into an account, it collects interest and as minimal as that might be, it’s still an investment. The more money you contribute, the more dividends you receive. What happens if you continue to take money out? Your account becomes depleted, and before you know it, you are paying overdraft fees, or you have to close your account. Let’s imagine you open a love account; the principal of adding to, or taking away from, are no different than your money account.

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