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How Would You Like to Get Out of Your Rut and Start Living Fully?

“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.” (Gerard Way)

7 Lessons Life Has Taught Me

The more we grow in years, the more experienced and mature we become. We tend to let go useless thoughts, feelings and stick to the substance, to the essential in life. Over the years, I have become aware of new facts which helped me move forward in life. The top 7 are elaborated hereafter.

Lessons Learned: Losing My Voice

I am now recently and thankfully over a bout of laryngitis that in all its manifestations lasted 8 weeks. That’s a long time for an organizational trainer, public speaker, and professional singer. It was traumatic at times, frightening, and fascinating. Friends would say, “this is going to be a story eventually,” and indeed it is and has been.

Oh My God, I’m So Tired!

Why is it that some days you have more energy and enthusiasm to get up and take on the world and on other days that bulletproof duvet just won’t let you go!! Time to understand what works for you personally and what makes you tired and sucks up your battery pack and energy reserves.

How to Become a Good Forgiver: Forgiveness: Who Is It for?

You know what forgiveness is, right? You know how to forgive, right? Or, do you! In this series of short articles, we will explore forgiveness, true forgiveness. We will discuss and define the concept of true forgiveness. First, we will explore what it is? Who it is for? How it is used? And, finally, what does it give; what does the gift of forgiveness give?

5.0: Persevere Power – Introduction

Confidence does not come easy. Fear does, disappointment does, anger does, failure does; each with little or no effort. But confidence, courage, composure, or conquest does not.

How To Be Successful In Personal Development

The modern world requires you to be smart and fast witted at all times to survive. It can be a harsh world when you are not sure what you are doing or how to do it. Self-realization is very important since it will guide you to the goals you have and even teach you how to go about achieving everything that you wish to achieve. If you are wondering how to be successful, you need to start by focusing more on personal development. It is the only way you will manage to be the person you want to be.

How to Live in the Kingdom of Heaven

Practicing the word of God is not always tea and cookies! You must get up and stand in your place as a child of God and grow up into Him.

What Is Your “Growing Edge?”

I wrote this article back in 1993 when I was going through a profound life challenge. There have been quite a few more since then. We all go through changes and challenges and the key is how we look at them… the right perspective will guide us through it with open minds and hearts to a personal growth experience that is powerful and enduring, potentially catapulting us to the heights of happiness, peace and contentment.

The Power of Responsibility and Consistency

The following article outlines the power of what I feel to be two of the most important concepts to implement into your life while on your path to achievement. Without them it will be near impossible to reach any of your goals or live the life you desire.

The How Is As Easy As The Why Once Fully Understood

“You can do it!” How many times have you heard that phraseology? Yet, when used right, it rings true and honestly workable.

5 Ways to Identify Your Passions

If you are like many people, you desire to have meaning and purpose in your life and work. And the smart ones (which means you since you are reading this) realize that in order to really live fully in your purpose, your passions must be present. You intuitively know that passions help lead you to living out your life work.

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