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Overcoming The Adversaries 2

The Bible tells us in the book of 2Corinthians 10: 3-5 that,”Though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not canal but mighty through God to the pulling down of stronghold, casting down imagination and every high thing that exalt itself against the knowledge of God…” There are three ways to deal with the devil:

Overcoming The Adversaries

Adversaries are enemies of progress who are hell bent and fully determined to fight you to the end. Adversaries are wicked forces that never give up in contending with you until you fall down disgraced in the presence of your friends. There are physical and spiritual adversaries, they team up to fight you; to wicked you; to make you sick; make you broke and miserable. In other words adversaries are forces of opposition that tries to stop your joy and bring incurable disease into your body; bring things and programs to your life that takes away your money.

Face Your Demons

Facing your demons is a term for dealing with the repressed or unconscious aspects of your personality. You may have repressed them for a variety of reasons and remain consciously unaware of them. However, much like an iceberg of which ninety percent remains submerged underwater; the unconscious mind is useful to that analogy. It is responsible for your voluntary and involuntary actions.

One Technique To Get More From Life

Getting more out of life is one of those things that the many generations would have appeared to seek after for a countless number of years. So how can a person get more out of life? And us there one main thing that can allow you to get more from life?

5 Tips to Cultivating a Success Mindset

Cultivating a “growth mindset” is much more beneficial to your success and wellbeing in life. As humans, we perform at our best when our capacity to be and do more is being stretched in empowering ways.

Chicken Coop Thinking

Dreams have meanings if we but take the time to learn the language of our dreams. No two persons have the same understanding of their dream meanings. What is happy to one person may be sad to another. By journaling our dreams, we come to see common threads of meaning in our dream experiences.

Adults and Indigos

Indigo is a color that was known as as well as based on Newton, and also the shade drops involving blue and violet. It’s reported in which due to its regularity, also individuals with good eyesight might have trouble differentiating that coming via either shade. The word “indigo” as it relates to psychic youngsters refers to the (Lifestyle) colour of the particular feeling in which supposedly exhales around these kinds of youths. Several reviews will certainly point out which indigo kids have been born in greater proportions because 1987.

Shifting Your Mindset – Mastering Change

The Sacred Art of Mastering Change… “Everything is changing…and those of us who are awakening to this new vibration are embarking on a remarkable journey that is both compelling and life altering. Notice the shift of energy around you. Do you feel a sense of stirring as you lean into this new perspective? This is an invitation to step into an evolutionary process to see more clearly, to feel more deeply, to know more and to be more – to expand your own potential and when you do…everything will change.”

Being in Your Right Brain

Meta physical awareness, or spiritual experiences are often difficult to explain or be understood while living in a Left Brain Dominate society. Many times the word Woo-Woo is used as a slightly condescending term to describe these events and experiences. The one having the experience is often left to doubt or feel misunderstood by the more rational types. In my writings today I begin to address the qualifications of being a whole brained thinker. By developing the Right side of the Brain there is a definite permission given to the oneness, the seeing of spirits and understandings of the different dimensions that surround us. These attributes are all right brain functions.

Ascension to Higher Dimensions

To ascend, to access a non-rational state, to release the artificial bonds, and to move upward with the earth’s trajectory brings us into a natural balance with the universe. Spending time in our right-brain gives our left-brain and all its “facts” a break while we ascend into higher dimensions and truer realities. May you spend this month in your right-brain, breathing into it and seeing the magic of life in a new ways!

Self Acceptance: Love Thyself

Self-acceptance is a too big of a quality to simply be expressed in words. It has to ooze out in the form of your feelings, in the form of your gestures and most importantly, your Inner voice. A person who has that inner voice present is automatically accepting of herself.

Want Enlightenment? Think Less, Do More

When I gave a workshop on change at a well-known retreat center, one participant told me that this was the tenth week-long workshop he attended in the past five years. “Why so many?” I asked. “I’m looking to find meaning in my life.” What I wanted to say was “why not stop looking and do something instead?”

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