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Life Change: Become A Creator

Did you know that you have created the life you are currently living? The house you live in, the salary you earn, the car you drive, the company you keep – you have created it all…

It’s Time To Take A Stand

What do you stand for? I challenge you to take a long, hard look at your life. Are you happy? Are you being everything you have always imagined you could be?

How to Make Yourself More Valuable

How do you become your own version of Donald Trump or Bill Gates? Simple (which does not necessarily mean easy) Provide service to others. It is when you provide some form of service to other people that they will pay you. The better service you provide, the more money you will be paid, whether the person who pays you is an employer or a customer/client.

Why Contentment Matters – The Truth About Contentment and Discontentment

Anything bugging you today? Discontent with your job, with your finances… with where you live?! Have you thought about what discontentment brings into our lives? Or, maybe you are not discontented. Maybe you are in a season of contentment. Life seems relatively good at the moment. This articles explores how discontentment, and its counterpart, contentment, really affect our lives.

Healthy Eating Builds Confidence for Teens

Do you have teens? Show them how to eat right and view their own bodies properly while building confidence.

Being You: Six Principles for Keeping Your Identity When Under Pressure

How are you in pressure situations? Do you remain true to who you are? Or, do you kind of lose yourself? How does one stay true to who they are, yet remain flexible, compassionate, and adaptive to the ever-changing environment of which they live? Here are six principles we can work into our lives that will help us make the best choice in the heat of the moment.

If It Makes You Happy: Limits and Boundaries

There’s a snappy little tune that teases you with the lyrics “If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad.” You’re thinking “Right on! Finally someone who supports my vices!

Emotional Revelation

For those of you who have a really hard time knowing who you are–what you like, what you want, what your purpose is–this post is for you. I used to be at the same place. Years ago I could not tell you much about myself–what I liked, what were my dreams, what I wanted out of life. If you are at a similar place, let me share how you can begin to discover the real you.

Psychotherapy and the Grateful Client: Failure and Success in Psychotherapy

Is therapy a good thing? The history of psychotherapy is full of criticisms and detractors. What are failure and success in therapeutic terms when sometimes one turns into the other? People who have been in therapy keep quiet about it today when the stigma of seeking help has reinstated itself in direct contrast to the Seventies self-proclaimed and shared glory in personal and collective consciousness raising. Most therapists are aware that untrained therapists may be wholly capable and often of higher quality than trained ones; such is the nature of the work that compassion, wisdom and intuition, which are arguably essential, are probably impossible to teach.

Overwhelm And The Power Within

Did you ever wake up in the morning after a restless night and think that you cannot keep doing this anymore? Have you done this countless times and still forced yourself out of that cozy bed and back into the grind of the day? Is that what you call living?

Human Development As a Part of Professional and Career Development

When you develop the different areas of your human potential you can expect your career development to take a new direction upwards, as well. Getting rid of limiting beliefs or changing habits that are not serving you in a useful way will not only help you in a personal way, but will not go unnoticed by your employer, or a potential employer.

‘Noodling’ Your Way Out of Denial

“Our lives improve only when we take chances – and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves.” Walter Anderson, Editor, Parade Magazine ~~~ Have you ever used a swimming noodle? They’re great fun. Here’s the thing about swimming noodles…No matter how hard you try to push them down into the water… they force their way back to the surface and float! The harder I tried to sit on multiple ‘noodles,’ the greater the resistance for the noodles to restore their natural balance. I’d lose control (usually taking in a gob full of water in the process!) as they bounced to the surface. Avoiding a bad situation is like trying to hold one of those swimming noodles under water… eventually it will break free and rush to the surface.

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