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How You Can Get The Most From Your Natural Talents

While you may be perfectly competent at many different activities, there may not be any one thing that you are really skilled at. If you want to master an activity and make it yours, you need to devote enough time and energy to truly become great at it. The following tips will show you how…

Tips to Help You Get Unstuck

Today I’m addressing a question that I am frequently asked and it’s one that seems to be coming up a lot more lately since so many are feeling stuck. If you’re feeling stuck in some area of your life or business, you probably know that it’s because of one of the following reasons…

How to Make a Shift From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

Whether you have always thought of starting a business, just started one, or have had one a while, there is one principle that is essential to any small business owner’s success. Without it, you’ll get sidetracked and wonder why things are going awry.

Donkey Kong As Metaphor of Life

When I was a kid one of my favorite video games was Donkey Kong. So why am I bringing up a video game from my youth? Well, I happened to see a show about the video game and the more I watched, the more I realized that Donkey Kong is a metaphor for our life journey.

Take the Road to Success – A Guide to Personal Fulfilment

What is your definition of success? Is it a better job or a promotion? Perhaps it’s being wealthy, but whatever it is, it will be your journey.

Stubborn Spirits: A Study In Example

This is a continuation of “Dangers of A Stubborn Spirit” found on NecessaryChats. This work further identifies one aspect of a stubborn spirit, that can be used for your personal development review.

3 Benefits of Reading Classic Literature

Classic literature is a portal to the human spirit and imagination, a link to our history and development, and a path in which to navigate the educated world. Its benefits include the knowledge of ourselves as human beings, the knowledge of our roots, and the knowledge of how these concepts and realities tie to our current life.

Breaking Free From a Toxic Environment to Grow and Succeed

Growing emotionally and spiritually requires letting go of the past and disengaging from the toxicity in and around you. This is your first true act of love and a necessary step toward more love: giving yourself the love nobody else does and the sense of self-worth nobody else can. Are you ready to take this step?

Changing Your Present (Beliefs)

Your beliefs are the basic operating system of your life. The script of your beliefs was likely written by your teachers, parents and others. If you are not the author of your script, you are in the passenger seat of your life, and are being driven by the people who shaped your beliefs. Take control of your present and future; learn how to address your beliefs and change them.

How To Become An Expert In Your Chosen Field Of Career

The choice of a career no matter how carefully selected is less significant to building it. A career as fixed and as calmly brilliant as it may seem is that profession you have chosen to do throughout your working life; so it’s more than just a job. Primarily, in choosing a career, you need to find out what you like doing and getting someone to pay you for doing it. Whether goods or services, be you an artist, a doctor, a teacher, a lawyer, an engineer or whatever it is you have chosen to do, you should never stop until you become a professional.

The Ant Philosophy – Jim Rohn

Ants just do their job without worrying about the problem. If you put an obstacle in their path, they wont stop, stare & go back. But they will find some other way to reach their goal.

Four Ideas to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence and Get Along in the Workplace

Emotional Intelligence (EI) competency means the ability to identify, use, understand, and manage emotions (EI Skills Group). EI will not only help you to become a happier and more confident person, EI competence will make you a more successful person in the workplace and in life.

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