Clear Your Mind From Overthinking (Guided Meditation)

Freedom Comes As We Let Go Of Having To Tell Our Story

How powerful it feels now when someone asks me “What’s your story?” And I can say and mean, “I don’t have a story.” When I heard my self speak these powerful words I knew I had brought an end to an old life of drama and fear and I allowed a new life of love, romance and comedy to begin to flow.

Your Ego Is Not Your Amigo

There’s a true and a false ego. The false ego is who you “think” you are; the true is who you know you are. One is of the lower self; the other is of the higher Self.

Making the Small Changes Count

As we journey through our lives we are always facing new challenges and opportunity for change. Changes can be exciting, enthusiastic and also very difficult. Changes are important regardless of how we get to the point to where it is necessary to begin making the change.

A Fable of a Spiritual Reformation

Do you compare the worst in yourself to the best you see in others? This is a tale of self-acceptance and discovery.

Is Your Self-Worth Wrapped Up In What You Do And What You Achieve Or Are You Happy With Who You Are?

I liken my journey to an Olympic one. It feels as if I have been running a marathon for the last twenty-odd years. And finally, although I may not have much to show for it on the outside I feel good about myself, within my self and with this I feel as if I have won my Gold medal in this game we call ‘Life.’ And what I love about it most of all is that I feel the best is yet to come.

How to Wiggle Out of the Mud! – 14

Put Your Best Face Forward – The first thing people notice about you is your face. Its expression tells others whether you are friend or foe, trustworthy or not, happy or sad, etc.

Are Your Beliefs About Love And Money Creating The Richness Of Life You Really Deserve?

As I look back I can see clearly how I set up a craving and an aversion with both love and money. In truth, I wanted to be rich in love and in money but somewhere way back when, I decided that I couldn’t have both. And so I lived a life through conflicting beliefs creating a painful internal tug-of-war which manifested into my outer world causing me all sorts of further loss and grief.

3-Step Plan to Reset and Restart Your Achievement

We all get stuck or in a rut. Sometimes it keeps on going. When that happens it gets even harder to break out. Here’s 3 simple steps to break out any rut or funk that you get in.

Entropy And The Law of Vibration During This Cosmic Cycle

It is important that we relate personal tools to reality and don’t get carried away by the tools themselves. We are not fixed or closed but are actually open systems exchanging information with not only each other but the cosmos. The level of how open we are or how many beliefs we are willing to drop creates our level of vibration and therefore our reality. In this article I focus on entropy, the law of vibration, resolving polarities in the mind and love itself.

What Can You Do About Lies and Whispers, Gossip and Rumors?

What can you do about lies and whispers? It’s pretty maddening when you’re the subject of gossip and rumors. But there’s a greater way of living in the world, that heals yourself and helps humankind…

Softening Into The Universe

Are you truly experiencing life? Are you taking the time to stop pushing so hard constantly and instead allow your life to unfold the way you want?

Life’s Little Orgasms

Live in a way that it feels you are in a constant state of Orgasm. How we live our lives is how we Sex!

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