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Ignorant and Insane or Merry and Married?

Alice is single, and has been for a very long time. She is now 35 years young and 12 years removed from her last long term relationship. Alice truly believes that she is fabulous, a good catch, and that any man would be lucky to have her. I agree. How can that perfect woman be single? But even the most perfect diamond has some flaws, and Alice does too.

3 Tips That Will Improve The Quality Of Your Life

If you are not satisfied with your life right now, you will have to do something to change it. Do you want to live a better and a more successful life? If you do, this article can help you. What you are going to discover here are 3 powerful tips that can help you achieve and accomplish more in your life. You are going to learn how you can improve the quality of your life below.

Setting Boundaries – More Techniques for a Healthier Identity

When you have strong, healthy boundaries, it means that you are centered in yourself and your own identity rather than nervously trying to please others by changing as swiftly as a chameleon to try to match what you think they want you to be. The person with weak boundaries is exhausted from all the effort to anticipate other people’s needs and demands, and try to conform to those wishes. Weak boundaries can be equated with a poor sense of self, and the stress of being untrue to your own needs and goals.

The Wounded As Healer

Just as an attorney knows many attorneys and a doctor many doctors, I, as a practitioner of alternative healing know many in the same field. There are two commonalities about those in the healing profession. The first is they entered the alternative therapy field because they felt driven from deep within themselves to reach out to others and facilitate wholeness.

Setting Boundaries – 3 Steps Toward a Healthier Identity

Boundaries define where “you” begin and “others” end. Although you can’t instantly change a lifelong habit of poor or nonexistent boundaries, here are 3 steps to get you started toward having a healthier identity…

The 45 Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life by Don Failla

There are many books, manuals, and audios that give the new multi level marketer instructions on how to succeed. But if you are looking for a tried and true method of learning the ropes from a 40 year veteran, then look no further than the 2 CD set called The 45 Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life Audio, by Don Failla. Don Failla has been in business with his wife Nancy for almost 40 years.

How to Really Have Charisma

Do you think charisma is a sexy trait and you would like to have it? I have good news for you: you can voluntarily develop your charisma by putting into practice specific action steps.

Top 5 Charisma Tips

Charisma is one of the most attractive traits a person can have. There are specific things one can do to improve their charisma and command the kind of results people with a lot of charm do.

When Not Changing May Be More Painful Than the Change Itself

Not changing how you approach the situations which come into your life is certainly a choice. If certain approaches have worked for you before and in your opinion they still do, it is definitely logical to continue to use those same methods. Your value system may indicate to you that the way you approach an issue in your life is the correct way for you. Or perhaps you choose not to invest the time or effort to approach something differently that is now present in your life.

Improve Your Voice for the New Year and Watch What Happens to the Rest of Your Life!

If you want a New Year’s Resolution that can improve your life, both professionally and personally, you might consider voice training. I am sure that you are questioning how this is possible. What is fascinating about the techniques for discovering your ‘real’ voice is that those techniques will directly influence a number of other aspects of your life.

A Personal Development Plan Example That Can Accelerate Your Success

If you want to achieve your goals in your life, it is absolutely necessary that you should have a personal development plan. It will be like a torch that guides you in the right path. This plan will keep reminding you where you want to reach in future from your present status.

What Life Lessons Did You Learn?

Life continually rolls forward. At various times throughout the year you probably consider the year previously and the lessons learned. You may consider your learned lessons during your birthday, at certain holidays or as the New Year begins.

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