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Get Grounded: How to Center and Ground Yourself

Do any of these scenarios describe you: you find getting your tasks done quickly and effectively is difficult; you get a lot done, but feel like you are out of control; you’ve been travelling, but now that you’ve arrived you can’t get settled. If you relate to these descriptions or just feel a bit unfocused, you may find following the simple tips I’ve outlined to center and ground yourself are of immense help to you.

What Does It Mean To Be In The Moment?

Being in the moment is about letting all else go. It means letting go of your past, your connection to what was, so that you no longer drift backwards in time. Being present means no longer jumping ahead to the future because projecting the present into the future in any way is not real.

Obsessive Behaviors And Their Source

Obsessive behaviors occur when one is trying to make themselves feel better; it is a mechanism created by the need to sooth, compensate, or satiate an issue. Sometimes the need behind the behavior goes unnoticed, and therefore one is not able to cope with the real problem.

A Great Many People Think They Are Thinking – William James

Now there is some food for thought! No pun intended, though. But really, have you ever thought about what you are thinking about? Quite remarkable statement, not mine, so read it again, really, go ahead and ponder upon its profound significance for a moment.

Desire – For What?

Ah, the word alone may run shivers on some people’s backs – DESIRE – let me say it again! What is wrong with this word? I challenge you to listen to your friends in the next week – are they using this word? Look at their faces when you ask them what they desire?

How to Go About Building Self-Awareness

If you have reached the point where you want to see real changes in your life you can achieve your objectives by building up your self-awareness. What you may not know is that self-awareness is in fact a state where you are in tune with yourself and your well-being.

Breakthroughs and Setbacks

We have all wondered why we can’t just have a normal average life with no issues or concerns. We wonder why things have to happen to us and why we have to struggle so much. We sometimes wish we could have a normal life and not have problems in our relationships or with money or with our health. However, if we went through life, day after day, with no problems and concerns, we wouldn’t grow and learn.

Great Gap Year Ideas You May Want To Try

You are now going to college. Your high school days are behind you and it is time for a more serious level of education. But are you ready to jump the fence? Maybe you want to give some gap year ideas a try and see if you need more time to do some soul searching and find your true self.

Personal Authenticity

Personal authenticity is about moving from a state of struggle, complexity and effort in communication and definition of self, to an easy flow of energy and communication that emanates from a place within that is much deeper than thought. A leveling occurs when we release the energy used to hold ourselves above, below, better or worse than another person. It is about transforming the babble of meaningless conversation and how we can remedy the ridiculous charade that passes for communication in most of the Earth.

New Year’s Resolutions Revisited

  Given that we are now into the second part of 2011, I thought that it was a good time to revisit the list of financial resolutions that I published at the start of the year. They are all still valid and the good news is that there is still half a year left to take action.

How to Become a Master of Self-Discipline

The art of self-discipline is one of the best gifts that you could ever give to yourself. Acquiring the ability to say “no” to yourself is a very crucial step toward becoming a stronger, wiser, and more mature individual.

Being Open To Your Future

When we let go of our ideas for our future, when we shed our predetermined goals and open ourselves up to now, we can start to live the life we are meant to and not the life we decided we should have. For when we are open, life starts being what it is supposed to be for us.

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