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How a Stay at Home Mom Can Expand Her Mind As Her Family Expands Too! 3 Sneaky Tips!

As a stay at home mom raising children, you may be so overwhelmed with the daily in’s and out’s of your routine: carpool, diapers, nap time and grocery shopping, that you stop and wonder what happened to your life.  How do you get back on track to the personal development you had going on before your new role as a mom? Here are a few sneaky tips for expanding your mind as your family expands too!

What Do You Need to Be Your Best?

We are all familiar with what our basic needs are, and what we need to fulfill in order to survive. You don’t question your need for air, water, food, shelter, etc. However, when it comes to our personal needs, those that make us happy and satisfied, we tend to deal with them as something that can be postponed, compromised, compressed or forgotten altogether.

Release and Let Go!

Don’t hold onto useless knowledge that can hold you back from your true potential! It’s time to live and let go of all the things that keep you living in the same old situations.

How to Become Successful and Still Have a Conscience

Becoming successful does not mean that you have to lie, cheat and steal your way to the top. Although a lot of people believe that’s the way that people get there.

Becoming a More Positive Person

You can become a more positive person if you want to be. There are patterns in positive people and by learning those patterns, you can change your behavior. Three small key factors make the biggest difference in becoming more positive, and with a little practice, the rewards can be huge, but the best part is, anyone can learn these three habits easily.

Expression and Experience

It’s time… to get off that couch and do something great today. Express your best and experience the highest that life is offering you. Wear the right eye glasses and you will indeed see that your glass is certainly more than half full. Take charge of your puppet, and if that slice of cake still pulls you, tell it to go and take a hike! After all you are in command – you are the puppeteer!

You’re Ready for Change – Good for You!

Are you finally at the point in your life when you’re ready for change? Do you really want to change or are you hoping other people and circumstances will change? If you’re hoping people and circumstances will change then you can stop reading this article now and be prepared to see yourself in the future as you are right now.

How All Great Things Begin on a Monday

You’re sitting there when all of a sudden you get a brainstorm of an idea. You get really excited about it and you envision all this greatness that would happen if you had it. Then you get distracted and you lose the rhythm, you say to yourself “I’ll start this great idea on Monday”.

Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur Begins With You

Everyone has dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur or business person. You begin when you’re a child and you dream big without any limits. But as you grow older you are told not to day dream or told “you can’t do that”. So as a child you listen to your parents, siblings and teachers because that’s what you do when you’re a child.

There’s No Right Way to Feel After a Loss

If you suffer a loss of any sort you may react to that in a variety of ways. Although there are said to be usual ways that people react to loss you may not react in a typical way. It would seem logical that the greater the loss the bigger you would react to it.

Being Alone

Being alone does not equal lonely! When we can learn to be alone and be OK with that, we thrive.

Shrinky’s Guide to Happiness: The Wise Man at the End of the World

Many years ago, when I was searching for the answer to life, I thought I’d find it by going to the end of the world. So I took a plane, a boat, a bus, and a rowboat to a tiny speck of sand in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. There I met an old man who revealed to me the secret of happiness. Find out the touching, humorous and poignant answer in this story.

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