Change Your VIBRATIONAL INTENSITY and The Universe WILL Deliver FAST [Law of Attraction]

When You Make Decisions, Are You Aware of Your Motivations?

When faced with a decision, are you aware of your motivations? Are you acting in your own best interests?

Love Yourself and Improve Your Life

Personal development is important for the evolution of people at home and at work. Personal development allows us as vulnerable humans to find ways to better ourselves, whether through spiritual, cerebral, or physical means. This article covers some of the essential elements of personal productivity and development.

Winning At Life: How To Really Win at The Game of Life

In order to win at the game of life and create new future abundant realities, first one must redefine their perceptions of their past. By reframing the structures of one perceptions of the past, one calls upon his/her divine ability to create visualizations through the power of the imaginations that literally become the blueprints for future realities.

How To Save Your Relationship With Your Kids Before It’s Too Late

  Growing up in my family, children were to be seen and not heard. You speak when spoken to and not before. When guests were over for dinner, we, the children were isolated from the adults and had a table, separate from them.

Follow Your Heart, Not The Crowd

I’ve made one mistake in my life when I choose my college major simply to satisfy my parents. For 4 years in college, I was bored in class. If only I choose the major I was interested in, I guess I will be energized by every lessons taught in class. That lesson taught me this important 6 words – FOLLOW YOUR HEART, NOT THE CROWD!

Messages and Signs From Spirit to Beyond

Messages and signs – we all ask for them now and then. They come in many different ways – often unexpected. “Send me a message and let me know I’m going in the right direction.” Or to our loved ones passed over “Show me a sign so I know you’re really there…

Learning How To Improve Life

It is a natural human desire to rise above the mundane and improve our lives. No matter how much we achieve, we always want more – a better lifestyles, more wealth, more professional growth and a richer personal life. Such is the flux which marks the journey called life. But at times even with your best efforts you could find success elusive. That does not mean you stop trying or give in to despair. Your constant efforts towards success may change their routes or means but should never stop. There are some simple ways which can show you how to improve life and make these very efforts successful.

Discover the Secret of How to Change Beliefs

Nature and nurture form the intrinsic layer of beliefs that in turn propel and guide us through life and shape our future. While some of these beliefs form the very basis of our characters, some are mere customs that need to change and evolve over time to help us change with the times and move forward.

Emotionally Abused: Redefine the Forces That Rule You

Just because you have suffered great woundings in your life, does not mean you are damaged goods and cannot live a life of great abundance and joy. You are a divine creature and at any time have the power within you to define the forces that once ruled your illusions of Self. Wake up and take back your personal power. Redefine who and what you are, in the knowing that you are connected to all that is, ever was and ever shall be.

What Defines a Dream Life?

The definition of a dream life differs from person to person. For some it is wealth, for some it is professional success, public accolades, unlimited knowledge or the unconditional love of a family. It depends on the individual, their upbringing, thought process, beliefs and their intrinsic natures that make up their idea of a dream life. More often than not it is a combination of these and definitely a balance between personal happiness and professional success that makes a particular dream come true.

Living An Extraordinary Life – The Magic of Oneness

Living An Extraordinary Life teaches readers the greatest magic trick of all time: being magicians of their own lives. Readers lives will be positively changed forever! Unlike positive thinking books, The Magic of Oneness turns the reader into an active partner with a Universe that can’t resist giving him what he truly wants.

The Power of Vision – Every Movement Starts With a Vision

Everything begins with a vision. To create want you want in life, firstly you need to know what you want and secondly, take the steps to bring your vision into reality.

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