Chakra Balancing and Cleansing ~ Healing 10 Minute Guided Meditation

Message From the Universe: Make Up Your Own Mind!

You are in control of your own destiny and no one should be in a position to think the way they want you to think. You make your own life decision and you will need to realize that you will be responsible for the outcome of your decisions. Either it be good or bad, be ready to assume the best or the worst. Make sure to accept that life will not always be fair, and that is OK. Once you realize that fact, life will be much easier.

What Good Can Happen If We Are at One With the Universe?

The thoughts you think affect the immediate people in the surroundings. They pick up the cues and respond to them. You or somebody else react upon the thoughts in response to them. That is how the chain of people goes on and on and ultimately we are at one with the universe. What good can come out of this? Look inside for insights.

How to Wiggle Out of the Mud – 2

Live With Purpose – Who am I and why am I here? Those are the two most important questions you can ask yourself.

How To Be A Better You In 2016

The most important thing you can do this year and each subsequent year is to be better at being you. You may be one of those that go to different functions and meet people that you admire and are impressed by their accomplishments. Big things seem to happen for them without much effort on their part. They seem to be doing all the right things without even trying. You both seem to click and then you find you are replicating their every move in an attempt to achieve their level of success.

Staying Energetic Through Retirement

Staying active may be the fountain of youth, it’s at least a powerful way to live. Long life may be partially genetic, but I think the *way* we live makes a huge difference to the quality and longevity of our lives.

Message From the Universe: Listen to Your Heart First!

Matters from the heart shouldn’t always be taken into account, especially when it comes to relationships. We can’t always follow our heart without including our mind into the thought process. Everything comes in a package and should include belief and action as well. Make sure that when you work towards a dream, you do not miss out on the little details that can either make you a success or a failure.

Overcoming Guilt and Self-Sabotage

You can stop punishing yourself. The mistakes and mishandling of your past were not your fault; you were simply misguided. “Deluded” may be a better word.

Pursuing Your Purpose As a Working Mom

As women, they are often asked to take on many roles. They are asked to be strong and independent, capable of taking care of themselves but also of others, especially their children and their husband. They are often mediators between or among their children, counselors when they have problems, cooks to feed their family, social workers in their community, and so many other things. While mothers derive purpose from taking care of her children, more and more mothers are also expected to build careers and strike a balance between work and family. How then are mothers supposed to pursue their purpose in work given these conflicting priorities?

Two Races of People and The Importance of Meaning in Life

It has been proven that in order to live a long and productive life our lives need to have meaning. Frankl identified three sources of meaning: work (doing something significant), love (caring for another person) and courage in difficult times, even suffering can be meaningful.

Reflecting on What Life Has Been

I sit here wondering what a pity it is that I need to leave here in a few days to go back to my world, the civilisation that my life has created. I wonder how it would be possible to live like this feeling the open spaces, enveloped with the sound of birds of many species around me carrying on their conversations and their lives. I wonder if this reality will ever become mine again?

The Dark Side of Being Smart

While being smart can be a great asset, it can be socially and professionally debilitating. This article explores the dark side of being very smart. As it peels back the layers, it uncovers the root cause of why smartness ruins careers and relationships.

How to Wiggle Out of the Mud!

A New Series Begins! My mother nearly killed me during the summer before I entered the first grade. I really hadn’t done anything terribly wrong except to play in the back yard. Well maybe I did a little wrong – I played in the part of the back yard that Dad had just tilled so Mom could plant a garden. The problem was not that the area was tilled; it was that it had rained all morning and the tilled section was a large area of some really gooey mud that looked to this little boy like a great place to play.

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