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Finding Your Purpose: Simple Ways to Identifying Your Life’s Mission

Nothing can be worst than to arrive at the point of death only to realize that you have not lived. Most of us spend our entire lives trying to figure out the WHY and the WHAT. “Why I am here and what is my purpose”. Applying these 3 simple principles will start of you the right track to identifying and fulfilling your life’s destiny.

Solutions Available Now

Did you know the only thing that really needs to happen for you to get what you want, is to feel better about what’s going on right now? When we can relax into our right now moment and allow ourselves to move the energy behind the big emotion, everything changes.

Are You Handling Your Emotions, Or Are They Handling You?

Why do we feel the way we feel, and is there really anything we can do about it? Pretty big question no matter how you choose to look at it.

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Give Up a Dream?

How do you know when it’s time to give up on a dream? And if you choose to turn your back on that goal, what price will you pay? Even if you have another dream to replace it, how can you know this outcome will be any different?

How To Find What You Really Are

If you observe yourself, you will discover that all you are is an emotional feeling. It could be positive or negative, love, anger or hatred, it changes frequently, but ultimately we are nothing more than emotional feelings. Are not all your thoughts and actions an expression of your emotions and feelings? This is validated in the reverse by one who says they feel dead because they feel nothing emotionally. Therefore, our life is our emotions.

6 Ways to Build Self Confidence

Have you ever felt that you weren’t good enough? Smart enough? Pretty enough? Worth it? Maybe you were told these things directly, or you interpreted an innocent comment in a negative way. However these thoughts and beliefs got into your head is irrelevant. They are there and their negative energy is haunting you and preventing you from living your life to the fullest. In order to attract and live a life you love, you have to believe that you can get it and that you deserve to have it. Here are 6 tips to help you build your self confidence and believe you’re worth it.

The Perfect Side Businesses to Set Up From Home

No one needs to tell you that times are very hard and good steady jobs that can pay for your food and clothing, gasoline and everyday expenses, are very hard to come by. If you do have one of these jobs then maybe you consider yourself lucky for the time being. But I have a warning for the people who consider themselves lucky to have a full time job, and that is – “it’s always wise to have a Plan B on the side”.

Clever Ways to Improve Your Learning Skills

There are a few things in life that are undoubted facts and one of them is that throughout life, you will always be learning. No matter what age, we all go through learning processes whether it is for our businesses or careers, parenting, communication skills, relationships and even for our hobbies. Yes more people will have the urge and ability to learn more than others, but at the end of the day – everybody is learning continuously. Therefore it makes perfect sense to obtain good learning skills sooner than later. Having good study habits and some tools to increase your ability to learn would make all the difference. The following are some tips and techniques you can apply to any learning situation.

Why You Need Your Beauty Sleep

The amount of sleep a person needs varies, but most people require around 8 hours. Scientists do not really know why we need sleep, but one thing is obvious, and that is, after a good night’s sleep we feel a lot better. Studies have revealed that going without sleep causes forgetfulness, hallucinations and in general confusion. When we sleep there is a general decrease in our body temperature, breathing rate, blood pressure, and many other bodily functions.

Why You Should Take a Short Nap Every Day

Having a short nap each day can often be the perfect weapon to combat mid-afternoon sluggishness which tends to hit us around 2-3 p.m. A single short nap will not fully reset your body clock or make up for a lost hour of sleep, but it will surely help to stay sharp and alert, increasing your learning and creativity abilities. Many famous and successful people have taken the advantage of short mid-day naps to increase their productivity throughout the day, including Napoleon, Thomas Edison, Leonardo Da Vinci, Eleanor Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy and Winston Churchill.

Lifestyle Changes for Better Sleep – How to Naturally Sleep Better by Changing Your Lifestyle

There should be no argument in that getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things you can do for staying healthy and being alert and ready for the next day. But what happens when you are tossing and turning in your bed through the night, watching the time go by and knowing that you have less time to get your beauty sleep before that irritating alarm clock goes off? What happens is plain and simple; you stress out even more, which means the chances are that the next morning of feeling fresh and ready to go to work, is quite simply out of the question.

Why Laughing Is Healthy

Although it is still not yet scientifically proven how laughter really helps us, you have to admit that when you do laugh you feel so much better. We all know that laughing can lift your mood, but do you know that it can also have a lot of other health benefits, not only for ourselves, but for the people around us as well. There are 3 main categories in which laughter can benefit and these are the Physical Health Benefits, the Mental Health Benefits and the Social Benefits.

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