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How To Release Negative Habits And Embrace Empowering Habits

How does one overcome a consumerism habit or any other dis-empowering habit such as for example putting yourself down with thoughts like “I am no good”, “I am stupid”, “I am ugly”, “I have no money”. By applying a few timely questions most people can start off on their way to releasing themselves from the power of negative habits and begin developing a stronger sense of well-being and contentment.

The Subconscious Mind

If we had to resume the definition of the subconscious mind, it would be that it is a program of the human body/mind that is charged with the task of recording via all senses all of life’s events for the benefit and survival of the individual. This program is set to record all input whether or not the individual is cognizant of the events happening around him at any given moment. It is also charged with providing an output or a response to the input being received.

Self Awareness For A Better Future

There is so much talk about self awareness and what course you can do to gain this. In my opinion if you spend your life hoping you will find the person you need to help develop it, you will never spend enough time doing the most important things for a better future.

Slow Down Before Life Goes Past You!

What happens when you combine speed, slippery road and a downhill slope? Skidding. No, I am not talking science or driving lessons here.

What Is Your Self-Definition?

Our self-definition is the label that we have given to ourselves that expresses how we view ourselves. I am broke; I am getting sick; I am too fat; etc…Never limit yourself with a negative label! You will never to be able to experience better than or more than your own self-definition.

Moods – Attitude Part 3

In the final installment of the piece about Attitude, we will explore feelings, or better stated Moods. A mood or emotional state is where we habitually reside or our baseline emotional setting. For instance some people reside in a mood of positive possibility and we refer to them as “optimists”, some reside in a mood of negative possibility and are often known as “pessimists”.

4 Self Improvement Tips

Self-improvement is about integrating all the parts within us. Self improvement is not about fix something “out there” but to let go or change something “in here” instead.

How Do We Measure Happiness?

What is happiness, and how can we measure it? The first “happiness study” was published in 1978, in the Journal of Personality and social Psychology. The question the researchers asked of people who were interviewed was: what do you think will make you happy?

Body Language – Is It Real? Does It Work? Is It Ethical?

Learning to read people and their body language can greatly enhance your ability to effectively communicate with others, whether in your personal, professional or social life. In my practice, it is essential that I recognize what someone is saying non-verbally. This is proven to be more accurate than verbal words.

What It Was Like to Fight in Karate Tournaments in the 1970’s

I fought in several karate tournaments and I learned a lot – about karate and myself. As a result, I changed my emphasis on what karate means to me.

What If First Impressions Weren’t Always First?

Now, if someone would have told me Ann and I would be as good of friends as we are, we both would have given our ‘Not gonna happen’ speech. We met at a job. We were in different departments.

Keeping a Space for Improvements

Everyone’s a beginner the first time they do something. The point is not to dwell on what you don’t know and keep an open mind. Sometimes it’s hard to focus on the good things in life.

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