Calm Your Mind Before You Sleep (10 Minute guided meditation) Female Voice

Five Simple Rituals to Start Your Day Mindfully

Do you often find yourself at the mercy of your day? Here are five simple practices that can help you approach your day with more mindfulness and equanimity.

Message From the Universe: You Are Not Far From the Top!

We all grow as people on a day to day basis. Stagnation is a slow death of the human mind so it is important to always keep moving and never stagnate. Keep on learning every day so you keep your brain active and can keep on growing to achieve success. Focus everyday on your goals and never let anything or anyone stop you from getting to where you need to be. Your future depends on you so it is crucial you create yourself a career plan and make sure to follow it religiously. Never ask permission to do anything in your life as it is YOUR life. Just do what you feel is right and never deter from your goals.

I AM Takes You Beyond Your Formed Self – Belief to Your Natural Higher Soul-Self

Over time the conditioned beliefs cover the surface of the soul and sets up layers of unreal beliefs that come between all we are. These man-made, and at times mad-man’s beliefs are learned and are un-natural. They stem from our upbringing, our past experiences and our genetic hand-me-downs. The condition and quality of these beliefs will determine the quality of our thoughts, feelings, our self-talk, our self-belief, the life we lead and the world we see.

Principles of Growth and Chance

Is there any easy way to achieve quality of life and strong relations with other people? In life, there are sequential stages of growth and development. I have personally never skipped any step.

The Inner Beast

This article describes an eye opener story of mine. I believe sharing through small stories is an effective way to share our perspective.

You’ve Got A Story To Tell

Do you have a story to tell? I bet you do. But is something holding you back from sharing it? Here are some thoughts…

I AM – The Keys to Feeling Loved, Safe, Well Protected and Well Provided For

Some people say affirmations don’t work. I look at it this way; whether we are aware of it or not, every day we are thinking, affirming, confirming or declaring something in our mind, either quietly or out-loud. Our pattern of thinking stems from our beliefs and becomes our self talk. If we listen carefully we will hear what we believe to be true about our self and the world we see. Therefore the quality of those beliefs and our self talk will determine the quality of life we lead.

Letter To My Younger Self

Here you are, miles and miles from where you started, and your heart never outgrew the miracle of you. I say: Be the freak you are.

Why Your Why Is Important

It is important to have a clear understanding of why you do things in life. Your understanding will make you realise how important is the reason behind your doing.

Believe In Your Heart

Listening to your heart isn’t dangerous; not listening to the voice beating inside is the only danger you’ll ever face. Your mind will always have its strong opinions; it will go on proclaiming its rightness; that you can count on. Yet only the heart knows the way.

The Road to Second Chances

Is life throwing you curve balls? Waiting for your second chance? You need to read this.

How to Wiggle Out of the Mud! – 9

Eliminate the Twin Killers of Success Part 2 – Many worthy goals, promising relationships, and terrific business ideas are ruined by the Twin Killers of Success: Speed and Greed. Let’s start with what greed is not.

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