Calm Your Headspace 10 Minute Guided Meditation

Healing Empathy Using the Emotion Code

I was talking the other day about the issue of the pain that being empathic causes people. I surely haven’t mastered my empathy by a long shot. It’s quite hard to use empathy in my job, but then turn it off in other situations.

Fear of Change

Do you fear change? Do you fear the unknown? Do you dread sudden changes in your life? If you answered yes to any of these questions, rest assured you’re not alone. Fear of change is common; although it is how you respond to the change that is pertinent.

Sonshine – 5 Keys to a Blooming, Joy-Filled Life

Of course, every good gardener knows it takes more than sunshine to bring in a bountiful harvest. So if you want more joy, more peace, overflowing abundance and blessing, become a spiritual gardener. Here are 5 keys to your abundant harvest.

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Self-Image?

We grow, learn and change all the time. We’re not exactly the same person we were three years ago. But is your self-image up to date with all the changes you’ve gone through?

The Journey From a Trauma

Like anyone who has suffered such an unexpected traumatic event, I found my life dramatically changed forever. I like to use the analogy of myself to that of a Giant Oak Tree that has fallen unexpectedly with hundreds upon hundreds of roots attached to that one tree that have become affected… and maybe altered.

The Value of an Accountability Partner

Whenever you’re involved in any kind of personal/spiritual growth it’s essential that you spend quiet time alone to do the inner work that’s needed. Recognize also that you can’t do it all alone.

Thoughts And The Golden Rule

Do you believe thoughts are things? Are thoughts action? This article dives right into these questions and ties the answers to the age old Golden Rule.

A Classic American Perspective On What to Expect in a Candidate for President of the United States

What might a wellness perspective on the choice coming up in November entail? Both Parties want to encourage good health along with apple pie and motherhood, though no doubt with varying policy approaches, but are there quality-of-life-based criteria that could guide our decision between the Republican and the Democratic incumbent? If so, what elements of wellness might come into play?

Is Saying No Difficult For You? Ask These 7 Questions Before You Make A Commitment to Any Activity

Do you find it difficult saying no to projects and activities that won’t fit your time, schedule or that will compromise your mental health? There are only so many hours in a day and taking on more projects, though in themselves may not be all that bad, may only drain you instead of enhance your life.

What’s in Your Trunk?

We all have issues, upsets and resentments of which we are unaware. We get used to this extra burden. What are you carrying around in your “trunk?” Look inside and free yourself of the baggage you have been carrying and move into a freer and happier life.

Walking In Our Own Shoes

When do we turn more into a nuisance than a help? Here is a simple study.

Are You Opening Doors or Putting Up Walls?

After painting all weekend, I thought about this post, hence the title. However, this post is not about home improvement at all! In fact it is about self improvement!

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