Breathe with Me | Simple Practice to Increase Your Intuition Powers [Raise Your Consciousness]

The Giant Leap From Chaos to Balance

Balancing the various needs and responsibilities in your life according to your own personalized, prioritized plan. It is:”a state of equilibrium, and/or the process by which something is brought into or held in equilibrium.”

7 Rules to Becoming a Classy Woman

What do you think defines a classy woman? What do you think of a classy woman?

You, A Year From Now

A year is going to pass whether you buckle down or not. It takes self-discipline to succeed in your business. It takes a clear vision and massive action. Your skill set will decide your learning curve. Here is the good news. Start now you will be further than and in a year you may not be where you want to be but you will be further than where you are now.

Are We Ready For Quantum Energy?

Is this really possible, or is it fantasy? It is your choice; you can continue to exist just as you are in the dense 3D energy, just like the ancient tribes that still exist today; or you can choose to recognize the quantum energy that is the new reality and enjoy all the benefits it offers to you. It’s about waking up, being conscious. You can do it now, or in your next lifetime; and so, the question… Are we ready: are you ready?

Who You Are As A Person Is Far More Important

You are NOT things. Things can be taken away from you; however, it is what you are left with, what is inside of you that will determine your character, your internal power and your substance. This is not something that you are acquiring to impress the outside world. I will be the first to admit that I was raised to view people by their educational accomplishment and if someone passed more subjects than I did and they were “harder” subjects, for example, Chemistry, Biology, Advanced Math, then I was not as smart as that person.

Inner Vs Outer Beauty

Which aspect of beauty do you think is more important? Inner or Outer beauty? Outer beauty may grab their attention but inner beauty keeps them around!

3 Reasons Why Motivation and Self-Help Programs Don’t Work and What You Should Do About It

Are you tired of those motivational speeches and self-help programs? Here are the 3 basic reasons they don’t work.

The Greatest Betrayal

Betrayal – that sense of putting our energy or trust in something or someone, only to have it broken or taken away, leaving us with the feeling of being wronged. What is betrayal? What lies underneath? What is the greatest betrayal?

Are You Playing It Safe?

I have been playing it safe for far too long staying in control, holding onto every aspect of my life and my business, how it should be, how I should present myself, how I should dress, speak, how to market, and even how to sell my work. I did all that I was told to do because it kept me safe.

What Is A Mother To You?

With another Mother’s Day just around the corner I have been invited to ponder the meaning and definition of Mother. There is a distinct difference between mother as a noun, versus the action of mothering in the form of a verb. Reading the definition of a mother it says: a woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth. The verb “to mother” means to bring up (a child) with care and affection, also referred to as “the art of mothering.” In the past to mother meant to give birth.

2 Ways to Address Fear of Change

Do you avoid change? Are your life transitions fraught with fear and confusion? Read on for 2 methods you can employ to reduce the stress that change can bring.

Time to Break Some Rules

We all carry around a bunch rules based on shoulds, shouldn’ts, musts, and mustn’ts. Adherence to those rules won’t help you thrive. Your personality and strengths won’t shine through that wall of rules. What makes you uniquely you won’t rise to the top. It’s time to break some rules so you can live your full potential.

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